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A word for the Cap'n o' the ship to address his loyal crew of fine sturdy lads, fit to sail the seven seas with the spirit of true pirates. YAHAARRR!!
Cap'n - "Arrr.. Me hearties, a keg o' grog fer all tonight."
'Hearties' or fellow crew of pirates - "Arr!!" "Yo ho!" "Yahhaaarr!!!" "Ya'arg!"
by Plumberry October 11, 2005
Used to describe something that is of excellent quality or top dog. Alledgedly originated from Raukura where it is most commonly heard among Raukura soldiers or among a game of touch (tachikawas).
Peter: Let's go boys hearty now bruvas (during a game of tachikawas)

Anaru: That was a hearty teetz
by pikiaoleague October 10, 2007
Hearties was a term used for athletic students (particularly rowers) at the University of Oxford and elsewhere, especially in the 19th and early 20th century.

The English word for Jock
"Look at those hearties cutting up the isis"
by LordMorton June 15, 2009
The word used to describe amazing things and moments. (e.g; Food, places, music, girls, cars, anything you like.)
Dalton: I cant belive they went to mcdonalds without us
Chidi: i know blud, look, here they come
Danny: Seee... look at them coming back with their hearty meals!
by Hearty-Man April 19, 2011
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