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When you put everything that you have into a relationship and you fall in love but then the person that you are desperately in love with stumps your heart and watches it fall and shrivel in the gutter. When he kisses another girl and doesn't really think about how it makes you feel. when he leaves you for someone else who probably isn't even capable of loving him as much as you did. When he leaves you cause thing's got tough without even trying to fix it. When you smile in his face but are truely crying inside. When you cry puddles every night because you love him so much that it hurts. You barely feel able to carry on because you think about how you lost him and are asking yourself why...you are broken... you can't move on because you love him so much that you pray every night that there is still hope knowing that there isn't.
I am so heart broken that it has become so painful to the point that i am so afraid to even love again.
by TruMeekers December 13, 2013
when u love someone and they supposedly love u, but one day they inform u they cant stay "faithful" to u. so u ask "so when i go to the marines to defend my country u will fuck random men" and they say yes.. it is the single worst feeling ever, u can never understand hearybreak until it happens to u. moral of the story is to never trust a woman/man and get attached to them ever. please trust me the pain is so intense u will want to die.
she told me she would plan on cheating on me in the marines. she said there is a great chance a dick will be inside her when im gone. i am forever heartbroken.
by usmclima January 08, 2013
that feeling where you just want to cry sooo much and those tears turns into a river and you hope that it can flow you to some place that can help you forget the pain you are going through. the pain hurts sooo much, the worst pain ever. only time can heal it, it is like the longest treatment ever to help you heal.
When you love the person you cant love. he loves you and you love him but so many people try to tear you two apart. you guys secretly date, but soon realize that the more your with that person you fall more in love with him or her and know that sooner or later you have to depart from that person, because just the thought of not seeing them everyday or to talk to them, or to even feel the warmth of their hug and kiss pains you even more. so you end it thinking that it was the best for the both of you. even if you tell that person we can still be friends you know you both can never see each other that way because you both want something more than that. that's what heartbroken means to me.
by i let him go June 18, 2012
my curant feeling now that i know the guy i LOOOOOOVEEE doesent feel the same at all
he told me straight up..

he doesent like me...

only if he new the udder pain in me

in wich im im heartbroken
by krisy4lyfe June 08, 2006
when your heart is torn to shreds after a break up.
He broke up with me after seven months and then i found out i was pregnant. I was heart broken.
by Lady_2010 July 26, 2010