The feeling you get when all your hope is gone. Everything you lived for is crushed. Your heart feels like a weight pulling you down. You force yourself to smile, even though on the inside you can't stop crying. And every morning you wake up thinking about what you did wrong, what you did to deserve it. The only person in your life that you thought you could trust, the person you would take a bullet for tore your heart into two pieces. It can never be healed, no matter how much time goes by.
When you sit there, staring at the wall thinking about the times you had together. The amazing stories you told eachother, the love and compassion you shared. Then reality hits; Never again will you feel that same way.
I closed my eyes hoping he would feel the same way about me, only to find out he liked my best friend. I felt like never opening my eyes again, but I did, I was Heartbroken and I will never heal.
by ~Melina~ December 15, 2008
heart broken is wen u r dark,depressed and u feel nothing 4 the world because u feel u r not part of it.wen u r the luckiest thing ever then the most poor un-feeling creature alive.u r a missing part of the world but u dont care u risk anything to be bac with the 1 u love.BELEIVE ME I SHOULD KNOW...any new lovers?just som advice:love can hurt even take yor life away make sure u handle with it whilst u can.
u tell a freind the feelings u hav 4 som1 then they tell that person u lov (without telleing u) and then before u know it they hav feelings 4 eachother.thats my way of saying heart broken
by roolius September 22, 2006
It is a sickness in your stomach and a knot in your throat. It is when eating becomes a battle to swallow and falling asleep becomes inconceivable. It is the loss of someone you
love. It feels like you lost apart of who you are. You fight with
yourself, trying to convince yourself you are fine. But you...r really just dying on the inside.
You made me Heart Broken Michael. </3
You said i was your world but as soon as our relationship got hard, you ran away. I was the only one putting in any effort
to make to work again.

I was meant to mean something to you, but you forgot about me.

You made me feel unloved, pathetic, useless, like life wasn't worth living anymore.

Yet, im still in love with you. WHY?
by Kozmik~13 June 06, 2010
that feeling where you just want to cry sooo much and those tears turns into a river and you hope that it can flow you to some place that can help you forget the pain you are going through. the pain hurts sooo much, the worst pain ever. only time can heal it, it is like the longest treatment ever to help you heal.
When you love the person you cant love. he loves you and you love him but so many people try to tear you two apart. you guys secretly date, but soon realize that the more your with that person you fall more in love with him or her and know that sooner or later you have to depart from that person, because just the thought of not seeing them everyday or to talk to them, or to even feel the warmth of their hug and kiss pains you even more. so you end it thinking that it was the best for the both of you. even if you tell that person we can still be friends you know you both can never see each other that way because you both want something more than that. that's what heartbroken means to me.
by i let him go June 18, 2012
The feeling that you are falling into a pretty dark pit because he is not there to catch you. The feeling you just had your heart ground up like meat. The feeling that there is absolutely no hope for love anymore, at least not for you. The feeling that you will end up a cat lady, knitting sweaters and growing toxic plants with your best and only friend, because together, you are heartbroken.
The boy you love just rejected you, saying, "there is someone else, so....", and you are now heartbroken.

The boy you love just left you for some other girl, probably not even as pretty, leaving you heartbroken and miserable.
by MariaMarie March 19, 2012
The feeling of not wanting to live anymore. Wishing you were dead because you lost that person or that person no longer loves you. The feeling when you can't fall asleep and when you don't want to get up in the mornings anymore, because you don't have anything to look forward to, because that person is no longer there. When he/she is the first person you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last person you think about before you fall asleep. When you just feel like dieing because you feel like you will never be happy again. And to top it all off you never hear from that person again. And you keep praying that he/she will call, email, or message you and they never do. And when you would jump off the highest mountain just to be able to see that person you love on the way down.
My boyfriend of 6 years cheated on me with my best friend and slept with her. And after we broke up he told me he missed me so much and how sorry he was and how he wish he would have treated me better, and then one day he stops messaging me and never gets on the computer again and then I find out that he is engaged to the girl he cheated on me with. Never to hear from him again or see him again, I feel like dieing. And now I'm heartbroken and I wish I was dead.
by wishiwasdead March 04, 2012
When you feel, like you are breaking everything you are is overshodowed, by this loss of a person you loved, who made your heart pound faster and your lips smile. Your heart is dead and you just keep going in a routine hoping your heart will heal, but will it ever get better ?
Lost a guy, I learned that I loved too late, my heart is left in Birmingham. And I am truly heartbroken, I am shattered.
by Sparrow92 December 06, 2011

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