When someone you love doesn't love you back or when some guy "falls" for someone else. It's when you get rejected by your love. It's when you have the huge pain in your chest that just want to come out and show the world you're hurting but you don't want to seem weak. It's when our loved one doesn't know how we feel and you're just keeping it inside. It's when you've said those three words and so did he and he promised you forever, and you never thought about asking how long is forever, and now he's gone.
I said those special 3 words for the first time in my life to this guy. He promised to be there forever, he promised this would last forever. Me, living in the moment, believed him. Later on, he dumped me. He accused me of liking someone else and that he was over me. He didn't love me anymore. I don't think he ever did, because love doesn't go away like that. Two months later, he starts seeing my best friend. Betrayed and heartbroken.
by tennis_wherelovemeansnothing April 27, 2009
the state i end up in every time i go out with someone. Girls may try to say that its our fault, but it doesnt seem that way to me. so if you dont want to end up in the situation too, then just stay single.
symptoms: heavy stomach, loss of appetite, depression, making odd noises or doing odd things repeatedly, insomnia, having your head filled with thoughts of that person but knowing they dont care about you
Girl:im sorry,... but i cheated on you
Guy:its not like its the first time i've been cheated on. just one more time of being heart broken.
by collisionofworlds September 20, 2008
When your heart feels like a hangover, except the pain is centered around your chest and your not throwing up alcohol, you're just screaming in pain and crying your ass off for a few nights. then after you think it's over, you see you're ex and your heart feels like singing, then you see him/her with their hand in anothers or their lips on someone elses and your heart feels like it's going to vomit out buckets of tears.
"man, i'm so heartbroken, i feel like my heart has a hangover"
by luckypenguin_inc November 20, 2009
comes from men, who are bastards.
A guy says, "i love you" girl thinks "oh yes, i love you too"
Guy then after about 4 weeks says.. " i didn't mean i love you love you.. as in i care for you"
Girl then goes off and has her heart shattered into a million pieces, over and over again until it crumbles into dust and nothing can repair it. Girl then becomes bitter, and hates the world.
by nabihah. January 22, 2005
The feeling you get when all your hope is gone. Everything you lived for is crushed. Your heart feels like a weight pulling you down. You force yourself to smile, even though on the inside you can't stop crying. And every morning you wake up thinking about what you did wrong, what you did to deserve it. The only person in your life that you thought you could trust, the person you would take a bullet for tore your heart into two pieces. It can never be healed, no matter how much time goes by.
When you sit there, staring at the wall thinking about the times you had together. The amazing stories you told eachother, the love and compassion you shared. Then reality hits; Never again will you feel that same way.
I closed my eyes hoping he would feel the same way about me, only to find out he liked my best friend. I felt like never opening my eyes again, but I did, I was Heartbroken and I will never heal.
by ~Melina~ December 15, 2008
heart broken is wen u r dark,depressed and u feel nothing 4 the world because u feel u r not part of it.wen u r the luckiest thing ever then the most poor un-feeling creature alive.u r a missing part of the world but u dont care u risk anything to be bac with the 1 u love.BELEIVE ME I SHOULD KNOW...any new lovers?just som advice:love can hurt even take yor life away make sure u handle with it whilst u can.
u tell a freind the feelings u hav 4 som1 then they tell that person u lov (without telleing u) and then before u know it they hav feelings 4 eachother.thats my way of saying heart broken
by roolius September 22, 2006
Its a deep pain in your chest that makes you choke on your words and tears fall from you eyes. Its when the one you loved, your world revolved around, and could see no one above them; taking your heart in their hands and shattering it with the help of another. If you truly loved someone you would know that time doesn't heal all and your reminded everyday that while they are living their life with another; you are reliving every lie they told you. You knowing your a fool for how much you gave and despite not getting even 25% back still gave it your all... Everyday is a living hell despite how well of a facade you put up for everyone to see. It's knowing that even though people want you and want to date you, you're too scared to even give someone else a chance. Because you still love someone who won't ever love you back and know that you would only give someone false hope that they had a chance.
When you look at someone, smile like its ok, and when they aren't looking hold back the tears because you are heartbroken.
by Broken beyond repair February 18, 2012

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