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A person who lets there girl friend or boy friend fall very hard for them and when the heart breaker finds some one new he/she breakes the one possesion that is most important to him/her
"did you hear that sydney went out with that heart breaker?"
by heartbreakekikd05 August 02, 2009
24 20
1. somebody adorable or good looking.

2. not me
that girl is a heartbreaker
by okwhatbye September 15, 2013
5 10
1)A person who can break hearts with the blink of an eye. Crazy!

2) one of my favorite songs by Mariah ft Jay-Z.
A: Hey, I am a heartbreaker.
B: Well. with great power comes great responsibility. Just dont go hurting people there, junior.

2). "Heartbreaker you got the best of me"
50 69
A gold-digging bitch
by yup June 11, 2003
40 59
emmaz tag. dnt steal it all ya biatches out dere
<3breaker (on a bustop)
by emma May 19, 2004
10 79