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when some one is punched in the chest with force; the attack of punching one in the chest and if the recipient of the punch is a bitch about it then they have no heart but if they eat the punch then it shows that they have heart and therefore are protected against the heart check ; a way of pulling someone's hoe card ;could be for sayin dumb shit;could be for ne reason at all, maybe the person performing the heart check wants to pull a hoe card
1. Ken-(in front of jay talkin to jenny, who is jay's girlfriend) hey Jenny u know jay fucked kayla last night.(Jay punches Ken in the chest for the dumb shit he said)
2. Jack punches Dan in the chest, and Dan cries about it and him being a bitch about it demonstrates that his hoe card was pulled, or, Jack punches Dan in the chest and Dan eats the punch and tells Jack "yea man u punch like a little bitch," then Dan beats Jack's ass, signaling that Dan's hoe card was not pulled.
by Anthony January 02, 2005
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