Backstage on the set of movies, "headphones" means "titties".
"Damn, that girl has a serious set of headphones, and they're real too."

"Nice headphones."
by Mixtape February 04, 2008
Top Definition
tiny little speakers generally connected to ones ears.
man my headphones broke how am i gonna listen to my emo? *cries*
by Briam September 01, 2003
What you wear when u are getting a blowjob (head) if you don't like slurping or u just wanna hear some music.
Headphones are good during head.
by jamlink April 25, 2010
getting head while your on the phone
So while i was on the phone with you bro my girl was giving me head or we will just call it headphone
by KidKuzoo February 13, 2011
A headphone is a phone which you can use for your head, but nowadays people call a thing which you can put on your ears to just listen to something headphones, you can't use these headphones to phone though.
Sony headphone.
by headphone user May 24, 2013
when a girls breasts are so large they cover your ears during sex
"dude my girlfriend totally headphoned me last night
by zhertbot August 07, 2008
When a girl is giving head, or you are eating her out, and the person getting head, or eaten out, wraps their legs around the person's head.
Some girl was sucking me really good, so I gave that bitch headphones.
by The One and Only Ross June 27, 2006

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