A fool who bust your head on the concrete and walk over the brains. Quick and violent. Dangerous individual. Term use mostly in New Orleans.
The 3rd Ward have head bustas! Woadie busting heads!
by NawlinsSuga February 01, 2007
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A person who has an urge or tendency to fight; a person who is ready to fight; a person who gets into fights alot; a bully.
Kimie is a major head busta; she can't go for 20 seconds without getting into a fight.
by KaBookie August 28, 2003
a straight gangsta
a unit banger----orientated w/ violence
someone ready to knuckle, and don't give a shit who it is.
"1 2 1 2,,cuz im a head busta"

by poppa duk April 28, 2004
Female who sucks a lot of dick or is known for sucking dick.
Everyone except Travis knows his girlfriend Paige is a headbusta fo sho!
by Dirty Skillet September 13, 2006
a really big ass line of cocaine that when taken feels like your fuckin head is gonna bust!
drop me a head busta im drug and need an upper.
by BIG J January 24, 2005

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