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One of the choice weapons in any reputable pimp's arsenal. Not quite as good as a pimp slap, as the he-bitch-man-slap can only be used to pimps to male gigolos. However any such threat of the he-bitch-man-slap should be backed up by a wavering of the pimp hand and should make the bitch cower like jelly being eaten by a wobbly man from jim davidson's generation game.

In short: Weapon for controlling He-bitches
"Don't make me he-bitch-man-slap you man!"
by Jeffrey Douglas August 30, 2006

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It's Kinda Like A Pimp Slap But Without Baby Powder, A Little More Brutish
"Hey Buddy, Don't Make Me He Bitch Man Slap You!"
by David Holland, Oliver Marson December 03, 2004
Weak ineffectual attempt to slap a bloke. Usually delivered by someone who isn't quite manly enough to throw a punch. Wussy and effeminate slap to the face that comes across all girly. The last resort of drama queens.
You call that a hit? That was a He-Bitch Man Slap. I've seen girls deliver right crosses better than that.
by Taylz March 06, 2014
The ONLY way for a man to properly refer to a bitch slap to another man. This is done by essentialy back handing the other man in question with enough force for his eyes to spin in their sockets, giving him a clear view of his brain.
Guy 1 (loser): "I'm so cool! What up homie! I'm so cool!"
Guy 2 (p.i.m.p.): WHAP! "Bitch! Back off or I'll he-bitch-man-slap you again!"
by BlackZer0 April 23, 2007