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it goes like this: a skanky golddigger of a woman finds someone (usually rich and/or famous), intoduces herself to him, they date and later they marry. She will usually bear the man's child, then leave him and file for divorce in order to get some of his moolah. In the 1984 song "Vice" (which appears on the 1985 Miami Vice soundtrack), Grandmaster Melle Mel describes a girl that some man adored who in the end was "another dirty old broad" and he goes on to say "he loved his honey, but she loved money".
Sir Paul McCartney met Heather Mills about a year after his first wife Linda McCartney died of breast cancer. She took advantage of the fact that his better half for a wonderful near-30 years of his life was dead and even though it was dumb and careless for Paul to fall for her despicable schemes, still, bad is bad and a golddigger is a golddigger. He loved his honey, but she loved money. Heather Mills is a greedy bloodsucking wench. I've seen it happen before to another musician in 1999.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice May 22, 2007
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