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An unmarried woman whose lifestyle is provided for her in exchange for sex, companionship, or access. Hban is an acronym (pronounced h-ban) that initializes "Hookers By Another Name". These women are found in the world's captials; first and foremost, New York City. The perks they enjoy include private jets, summers in St. Tropez, winters in St. Barths, and sizable monthly stipends. In exchange, they provide the illusion of intimacy with a beautiful woman. Hbans are only distinct from "trophy wives" in that the men they pursue are--unknown to them--of sufficient age, wealth and temperament to steer clear of permanent commitment.
Did you hear that Laura is fucking Darian Summers? Ewww, I know she's only doing it because she wants to use his house in the Hamptons! OMG, such an hban.
by hban aficionado June 22, 2011
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