a celibratory term from the 17c
'hazah!!! We have won!!!'
'Hazah for the colours lads!'
by rodrikbodrik December 04, 2003
Top Definition
A word used to emphasise ones pleasure and/or approval at something. Often accompanied by spasticated clapping.

For real authority, one should pronounce it as if saying 'I SAY! (old chap)'.
Bloke in movie: "The Wooden Horse will destroy the city of Troy".

Loyal fans: "Hazah! Hazah!" *clap clap clap*
a call of victory or triumph
hazah! i've just minced you again at lacrosse!
by jenny h1 August 23, 2007
1. another word for "yes!" "oh yeah!" "booyah!"

2. Hello

2. Hazah everyone! I'm here!
by Jenny October 04, 2003
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