Hazaa. a word used by goth depresed people. (doublehander)
gothic people are so Hazaa.
by sterling January 28, 2003
Top Definition
A cry of supprize and joy
Hazza, i just fixed my mental handicap
by Shrambler March 31, 2003
Used as an expression of elation at discovery of a bodacious idea
"Hazaa!" as used on The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Blackadder, the expression stands alone.
by Big Bang Theory Rules March 26, 2013
Cheers!! Hooray!! Hail Hail!! A cheerful exclaimation of good intentions... in olde English, possibly during the Renasissance period, maybe during the Celtic pre-Christian European.
You'd hear the beer wench ringing the bell and yelling, "Hazaa to the giver!!" after receiving a tip of folding gratuatiy. And after a toast, or the winning of a game, or in honor of someone, you might hear a whole crowd shouting, "Hip Hip Hazaa, Hip Hip Hazaa, Hip Hip Hazaa!!" ... 3 times, in pace of Hip Hip Hooray
by Blistara May 04, 2010
a friendly greeting used prior to calling someone "my friend"
Hazaa my friend Hazaa!!!!!
by Steve September 27, 2003
A fat man - who giggles.

Also enjoys shoveling cock.
"Hey Hazza - *insert fairly good joke*"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *repeat for half an hour"
by Peter/Bub - THE COALITION May 08, 2004

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