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a sex machine. loves trying new things. likes it rough and sweaty. hes very good in bed, i have to admit. but he needs time "alone". he is very racist at times. dirtbikes are his thang. overall, he is a very sweet guy and oh by the way hes gay ;P jkk

we love hayzen's!! :D
"did you see how sexy hayzen was last night?"

Jessy-oh hayzen:)
Courtney-He is just wayy to sexy.

Jessy- He's mine Courtney!! Back off!

Courtney-NO! He is mine, you back off! I could so take you!
Jessy-No you couldn't and plus you have a boyfriend. so HAHA
Courtney-Who need's him, he is old news, Hayzen is so much more sexy!

Jessy- Fine! You get him Tuesday's and Thursday's I get him Monday's and Wednesday's and we share Friday and the weekends.

Courtney- Okay, I GUESS that works.

by JC69 July 06, 2009

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