The celebrity couple name for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.
Directioner: I really don't like Larry Stylinson but Larry>Haylor.
Other Directioner: They won't last anyways because Taylor will break it off soon anyways.
by harrystyleshair November 15, 2012
Top Definition
Enormous pimples on the inside of an anus or a penis disease resembling a female blue waffle.

EW Haylor! That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen !
by sheriffliam December 04, 2012
BIGGEST BULLSHIT EVER! Ps. Publicity stunt.
Oh is that Taylor swift on her 10000th boyfriend this month. Haylor bla bla bla
by Lizap December 08, 2012
Involuntary act of puking on a computer screen
"Oh look a picture of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift in Central Park"
*pukes on computer screen*
"Oh sorry man, I didn't mean to haylor."
by ohsweetyno December 07, 2012
Death of girls all over the world
Haylor sounds like a Redneck trying to say Hello.
by haroldplease December 07, 2012
the act of shoving your hand down your throat and ripping out your intestines
Ew, Taylor Swift's face makes me want to haylor.
by didifuckingaskyou December 12, 2012
The couple name for Harry styles and taylor swift. A huge publicity stunt that no one in their right mind approves of. Another one of Taylors 100's of relationships she has each year with people just to make songs about them. Another way to cover for Larry Stylinson just like elounor.
"Taylor is just using harry, shes such a slut"
"Management just wants to hide larry by making haylor"
"Harry and louis are obviously in love."
by haylorcandie December 08, 2012
Haylor (aka I want to shit in my hands and clap) is the name of celebrity couple Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. (note that Haylor does sound like a type of wart)
Fan: "Haylor makes me want to projectile vomit"
Other Fan: "Caroline Flack was hotter kms"
by Mrs StyPay(isdabomb)HorLikSon December 07, 2012
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