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Haylie / Hayley is the type of girl who you would think is sweet and innocent but really very cheeky and mischievous. Haylie's are usually gorgeous/pretty and loud but still easy to get along with, haylie's will not mind embarassing themselves infront of others to make them laugh. Haylie's are very caring but usually shy at first so you will have to be the one to start the convosation - though when you get to know them they are loud and crazy and will feel comfortable around you, haylie's never think before they act and will always know how to make you smile. Though haylie/hayley's are loving and considerate people they still have feelings and can get jelous and upset.
Boy 1: Hey that haylie girl is really hot but she seems abit shy and quiet.
Friend 1: Oh you dont know her at all - she is sweet but NOT shy or quiet at all.
by June 06, 2009
A very cute girl with a beautiful smile that will stay in your head. When you see her, your knees will buckle. You try to hold strong, but you always give in.
Guy 1: Watch out, its Haylie.
Guy 2: Be careful, Haylie is here.
Guy 3: Guys, sit down somewhere, Haylie's here.
Guy 4: My knees!!!

Me: Hi Haylie, Dinner tonight?
by AznHavx February 03, 2009
A very adorable girl with big eyes that you'll fall instantly in love with. She has a big heart, and only wants good for others. Although she can become very jealous and upset when she doesn't feel shes being treated fairly. Haylie's will always want to be around the one they love, and doesn't mind being herself around them. She'll open up to you about her feelings if you let her. Haylie's are beautiful girls. They have nice butts and huge titties. Haylie's are shy at first, but not when you get to know them! Haylie's keep their emotions inside and never let them out to others. If they do, feel very special!
Haylie is so cute, but I never know what she's really thinking!
by SuperAnonymousDefinitions January 07, 2012
The name Haylie is normally given to one who is extremely sexually appealing. Usually blonde (sometimes a red head) with blue eyes & big boobs, she will always be wanted by members of the oppostie sex. Amazing in bed and gets turned on easily. Also a really big tease, she knows just how to tease her partner.
Guy1: look at the blonde over there.
Guy2: she looks like a Haylie to me.
Guy1: hope so, means she'll be good in bed.
Guy2: who says she'd go for you, Haylie's have high standards.
by FoFricker October 22, 2008
Haylie is amazing at roller derby and is so pretty she likes to call her friend Kady chummy and has a best friend called Alyssa and is good at gymnastics and dancing
Haylie is quite smart and is in the best group for math and she loves going on family day outs and uses emojis alot😃😎😋
Haylie is nice and caring
by Hi there21 May 07, 2015
The girl you think is sweet and innocent but the complete opposite!! She will rip you to shreds she will spread rumors about you just so she can be on top. She loves attention from guys, and the way she dresses her mom calls her a prostitute! Be sure to watch out.
Guy 1: "There's Haylie, her mom says she dresses like a prostitute"
Guy 2: "No way! I better stay away then"
by selllal July 09, 2011
is a chick that every one thinks is a slut or whore and thinks she sleeps around with guys but she dont she only does with one!
haylie is suck a slut i wish i had her man
by legallyblonde November 03, 2004
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