Haylee a person full if personality,a lot of friends,and outgoing. Most likely to have blonde hair and blue eyes. Boys are attracted to her beauty.amazing person to be around.
Boy: who is that

Other boy: I don't know but...WoW...I think it's Haylee!..
by Seth rinchinch November 27, 2013
A beautiful Girl usually a C bra but she has high standards. Ususally falls for atheltic or goth guys. Has brown eyes and is easily turned on. Amazing in bed and you can never forget her name. Also a really big tease , she knows just how to tease her partner. Loves to Laugh and Prank. She's also an addrenaline junkie !
Guy1; Wow look at Haylee!
Guy2; I know shes hot
Guy1; I wish I could have her
Guy2; She could get any guy she wants.
by Fckhr April 05, 2011
Sexiest bitch you will ever meet. Amazing in bed, get's all the boys and has a massive rack. Once you try it you won't look any further.
Gotta love a Haylee.
by Sexysingles. June 20, 2011
A tall awsome girl who is kick ass and fun loving.
Look at the chick she is such a Haylee.
by jollygingergiant May 12, 2011
Usually a beautiful girl with big boobs. She can get any guy she wants, they all drool over her. She has brown hair and bright hazel eyes. She's a volleyball player and a cheerleader and everyone loves her. She's very friendly and wants to be friends with everyone.
James: Damn look at that Haylee over there!
Riley: Ohh she's fine!!
James: I wish she would notice me
Riley: She's perfect.
by Hullabaloohohh October 05, 2013
short white girl with big ass XD
omg haylee just made china have another earthquake!!!!!!!
by KSKSKSKSKS July 01, 2010
Usually blonde, a tease with other boys in bed and gets easily turned on. Shes a bitchy person with no friends and if she does have friends they're sluts. She is a whore, hoe, and slut. She also ditsy and dumb.
Boy 1: have you seen Haylee?
Boy2: I heard she was fucking Amber's boy.
Boy 1: yeah sounds like her.
by Track2k15 May 09, 2015

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