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A human being who generally has very inadequate computer gaming skills. This leads the person to use programs so that they can; Get more money, shoot through walls, Talk in an unreadable format. Using such programs only makes one a hacker. These people take it one step further to let everyone know in the game that they are hacking. Therefore letting the whole gaming community know of their extreme "Haxzorness." This usually ends in an account ban. During this time the Haxzor usually cries in their room until they can get some money to play another game. This is hard for the haxzor because indeed no other human being loves them not even their parent’s therefore making the life span of such a being very short. Eventually, the haxzor becomes homeless or works at your local gaming store.
Regular Gamer:" Wow you have a lot of nice gear"
Haxzor:" Duh, its niz wat u thnk it es NoobZar?"
(Notice the way the haxzor is being rude for no reason)
Regular Gamer:" oh, Well how did you get all that?"
Haxzor:" My 1337 Hax0rz xplotz"
(Notice the bad grammar and how that sentence really made no sense)
by Steve W. May 04, 2005
a person you modifies (mods) or as the word says hacks a game. these people usually either cant play the game well or just have too much free time
You stupid fuckin modding haxzor!
by Havoc Shroomer October 13, 2005
A person that has a mother that does not love them so they find love in h4xs.
by Milkm4n aka (Morgan) April 07, 2003
An asshole that cant play the game for fun, and has to obtain internet cheats just to try and make him look good when really it just makes him look more like a jackass!
RoLl` : the ultimate jackass
by gU. | fanta March 19, 2003
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