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1. Hot-Kool. Verb. Something that is hot and cool (temperature-wise) at the same time.

2. hAT-KuLe. Verb. Something that is so incredibly amazing that the two words hot and cool (not temperature-wise) were combined to describe it.
1. "Whoa! Look at that burning building in a snow storm!"
"Yea! It's hawtkewl!"

2. "Have you seen 007's flying & kicking action?!"
"Yea! It's hawtkewl!"
by GollyMolly October 29, 2007

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Verb. HaWt-Cule. Some one or something that is so extremely hot and cool at the same time.
"Yaw, Gabe is such a hottie."
"Yaw, he's SOOO COOOL."
"Oh mah gadz, he's HAWTKEWL."
by GollyMolly October 19, 2007