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Hawthorn heights is EMO screamo punk band,vocals by JT woodruff(dont know about screaming). Clearly steriotyped from emo, by the song "ohio is for lovers"{i cant make it on my ownx2, because my heart is in ohio, cut my wrist and black my eyes(repeat with screaming), so i can fall asleep tonight, or die}other songs are not emo like (niki fm).
Good to hate and good to like, i guess, just depends on what music u listen to..
Oh my god are you going to buy the new Hawthorne heights cd thats comming out next week?!?!?/1!1?!/1/?1
by Myspace|is|for|emos November 21, 2005
Hawthorne Heights- Simply the krunkest emo band ever. Here, in Louisiana, country music is the standard, but emo is slowly catching up. In the South, emo is either krunk or gay. Most of the people here would rather listen to the oldest country song or the stupidest rap song before the Hawthorne Heights. They judge them by their clothes and hair. The "Good Ole South", known for judging people for being different. I know this for a fact, considering that I am a black person. Yeah, a black guy listening to emo. So to all you city folk, much love and let there be emo!
The Hawthorne Heights fit into the same category as PANIC! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Coheed And Cambria.
by Jaworski Jack May 17, 2006
instead of defining this piece of shit sometimes called a band. ill do a favor for you and sum up all their lyrics.
*ohio iz 4 luvers playing*
Leroy: Damn, what the fuck is that shit.
Emo kid: shut up porch monkey hawthorne heights stuff makes me cry
Leroy: No, fuck you cracker. your emo music sucks and i wish MCR had died in that car crash *caps*
(i have no problem with black people, i apologize for the sterotype, thought it might add to the humor)
by wewillrockyou August 12, 2006
An awesome band from Ohio that is forgettable. Being a fellow Ohioan of theirs, I would have to say that they are one of the best bands that have come from the Buckeye State. Their guitars are awesome and they are, a 'rock' group, as classified by iTunes. However, I have found myself listening to their songs on repeat one, and loving them, but then never hearing the songs again, and finding myself shocked when I hear that there is, in fact, a band called Hawthorne Heights.
"Ohio Is for Lovers" is Hawthorne Heights' best song.
by Pnogal32 March 20, 2007
A phrase used in analogies to suggest that one thing is abysmal, untalented, lame, bunk, or a combination of the former.

Etymology: Comes from the horrible emo band Hawthorne Heights, perhaps the most untalented group in the 21st century.
Ex 1. Whew! I'm glad that show is over. That band sucked as badly Hawthorne Height's!

Ex 2. (after seeing an ugly girl) Friend: Watch out, broseph! You have a Hawthorne Heights coming your way.
by Comrade Dave November 12, 2006
There once was a genre called "boyband". This genre ruled the land, competing with the best of the rap and the rock scene for the number one spot on the billboards. However, the reign of the boyband was soon cut short, as all of their avid listeners found out through the grapevine that at least one member of every boyband was a homosexual. Thus, the boyband faded into obscurity, and was never heard from again. Until now.

Hawthorne Heights and every other band that sounds like Hawthorne Heights (the entire modern "rock" scene)is basically just a new iteration of the boyband. Some record producer decided to put a guitar in each of their hands and let them write their own lyrics, which consists of crying over girlfriends that dumped them their sophomore year of high school. These angsty retro-boybands make me want to go on a baby-punching tangent, with their inane songs about minor, pre-adulthood grievances, and the band members trying to look soulful on every damned album cover and on the front of every damned teeny-bop magazine.

Stop crying in your music, or I'll rip off your twiggy little goth-emo arms and give you a vicious gouging with your own black fingernails. That'll sure as hell give you spineless pricks something to cry about.
Fuck Hawthorne Heights. Hawthorne Heights sucks.

Listen to Korn, or Slipknot, or.....actually, just kill yourselves. For real this time.
by Wes and Vin August 27, 2005
a rock band from ohio.quite good in my opinion. the only problem is that they have 5 or 6 songs that sound EXACTLY the same .

i am on your side
this is who we are
we are so last year
dead in the water
breathing in sequence...
i think hawthorne heights is great but they have to stop makin' that " copy/paste" stuff on some of their songs...
by teknopat May 03, 2007