A phrase used in analogies to suggest that one thing is abysmal, untalented, lame, bunk, or a combination of the former.

Etymology: Comes from the horrible emo band Hawthorne Heights, perhaps the most untalented group in the 21st century.
Ex 1. Whew! I'm glad that show is over. That band sucked as badly Hawthorne Height's!

Ex 2. (after seeing an ugly girl) Friend: Watch out, broseph! You have a Hawthorne Heights coming your way.
by Comrade Dave November 12, 2006
this band sucks. they arent emo or hardcore. they have 3 fucking guitars. not even metal bands have that many.they lyrics suck and the vocals guy has a whiny voice. they suck live also.
hawthorne heights=shitty band with shitty wanna be emo fans....
by Jacob June 17, 2006
A band that is cool.
Download (err...buy?):
- ohio is for lovers
- screenwriting an apology
"Let's blast some hawthorne heights!"
by i dont know. November 14, 2004
what in hell ever happened to them anyway? they kinda sucked lol...
HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS!!!! former beloved band of poser girls!!!!! WHERE'D YA GO????
by That Weird Kid Next Door May 04, 2007
hawthorne heights is an fukin rad band.. not very well known but deserve to be.. its emo!!! but it is also screamo...
listen to this band if you like bands like taking back sunday or thursday.. more hardcore than those 2.. but still really sweet and emotional
by Emo_kid October 15, 2004
Hawthorne Heights is the worst band in the world. With their emo lines, saying "cut my wrists and black my eyes", no wonder they have no friends. All fo them should be shot in their faces. No one gives a shit if their old boyfriend dumped them in '95. NO ONE CARES. Kill emos.
"dewd omg letz showr in da bathroom 2 gethir and listin 2 Hawthorne Heights bekuz we R gai emoz..."

In similar news, 100% of emos are homosexual.
by Brett1014 June 11, 2006
Possibly the worst band ever. A mediocre singer and one of the worst screamers in the existance of music. They also have the worst lyrics I've ever heard, which is quite an accomplishment, considering Fallout Boy are still around.
One of the producers of "The Silence In Black and White" was so embarrassed by the cd that he had his name taken off of the credits. True story.
by like it really matters...? August 27, 2005
Hawthorn Heights is the equivalent to fingernails on a fucking chalkboard. It could also mean that a bunch of emo fucking pussies are doing this in need of attention because their father left them to rot when they were born and their poor mothers couldnt tend to all of their bitch ass needs such as: Hair gel - to get it into that ridiculous flippy thing. Nail Polish: To paint their nails black. Girls Jeans: To show off their skeleton figures. Razorblades: to cut wrists.
Hawthorne Heights- Fuck my ass and close your eyes! so i can fall asleep, tonight, and cry.
by Zac972048758927 June 07, 2006
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