A phrase used in analogies to suggest that one thing is abysmal, untalented, lame, bunk, or a combination of the former.

Etymology: Comes from the horrible emo band Hawthorne Heights, perhaps the most untalented group in the 21st century.
Ex 1. Whew! I'm glad that show is over. That band sucked as badly Hawthorne Height's!

Ex 2. (after seeing an ugly girl) Friend: Watch out, broseph! You have a Hawthorne Heights coming your way.
by Comrade Dave November 12, 2006
a rock band from ohio.quite good in my opinion. the only problem is that they have 5 or 6 songs that sound EXACTLY the same .

i am on your side
this is who we are
we are so last year
dead in the water
breathing in sequence...
i think hawthorne heights is great but they have to stop makin' that " copy/paste" stuff on some of their songs...
by teknopat May 03, 2007
A fucking insult to all Ohioans.
Hawthorne Heights is Victory Records little shitty poster boys.
by Hannah Banana!! July 08, 2006
A crappy band with emo fans that constantly deny it.

The lyric "Cut my wrists and black my eyes so I can fall asleep tonight" is most certainly emocious.
emo kid: omg liek i just go the new hawthorne heights cd i rule

me: i got foo fighters' in your honor, because hawthorne heights sucks monkey

emo kid: omg cut my wrists and black my eyes, ur so meen
by foofightersman December 01, 2006
hawthorne heights is a bad poser emo band. they are sellouts, they have no talent, and anybody that thinks their lyrics are good haven't been around long enough to know what real good lyrics are
"liek 0mgawd.. i was listening to hawthorne heights.... *sniff*... oh my god... and.. *sniff*... i got to thinking about my girlfriend back in 6th grade.... and... god.. FUCK i'm so hardcore.... god why did she dump me. she didn't know how much she scars me.... *slit*"
by Arlis Monzeglio October 08, 2006
Alright, so I listen to the whole "emo" craze, poor me. Now, it seems to be a general opinion that kids like me listen to Hawthorne Heights. Please, God, no. I have given them a chance, I really have, but they just generally suck. Now, I understand that they do have quite a large fan base. Though, I will point out that most of this fan base consists of scenesters who don't really have a taste in music. Anyways, back on topic. I recently saw them live on Black Clouds and Underdogs, and well, this is me, spent the whole set mocking them. Some kids out there can listen to emo and actually have respect for music. It's that very same respect that causes my dislike to Hawthorne Heights. They're more or less ruining music.
Wow, I come off as a complete bitch. Maybe it's because I'm telling you the truth about oMg!11!11~~da best emo band EVARR!!!!!111~~!11
Or not. Hopefully some of you can spell.
Hawthorne Heights were so lame last night. Almost made me want to cut myself.
by Parka April 17, 2006
A suck ass band with a main singer who thinks he can play the guitar but really just shakes his hand up and down like a retard. They look like fucked up moles and think there good but they actually suck ass and are only popular because Victory produces them. They need to go fuck each other , get aids, and die just like the Villiage People

Hawthorne Heights manages to completely suck yet there still famous - what the hell
Hawthorne Heights blew Victory off then screwed them so that they could play there stupid, retarded, faggit music infront of a punch of poser wannabe punk kids.
by Travis W March 09, 2006
lemme just correct somthing.. hawthorn heights isn't the worst band ever.. im sure there are plenty of shitty hawthorne heights wannabee bands playing shitty music in their basement. hawthorne heights is the worst FAMOUS band ever.. k get it right guys
they suck i dont need an example it's fukin hawthorne heights
by wafaawaf August 20, 2006

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