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a once beautiful nose, made to resemble a bird beak by plastic surgery.
man,Angie had such a great looking nose! why'd she have to ruin it with a hawk job?
by worderamma February 17, 2010
2 0
the sexual act performed by a male in the university of wisconsin whitewater's mascots costume, willie the warhawk.
Back when peter was Willie he gave the best hawkjobs ever!
by cuddles89 July 29, 2010
6 1
The act of spitting on one's hand for lubricant, then proceeding to give someone an ol fashioned.
Ex. The other day Jack got a hawkjob in Chemistry class.

-plural: hawkjobs

Ex. Last night Mike and Tom both got hawkjobs in the movie theater.
by floppy tallywhacker March 31, 2011
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