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Faggots from shitty Martinsburg, Wv who think they're hot shit when, in reality, 95% of the populace hates them. They make shitty, autotuned "music" with lyrics stolen from other songs because they're too stupid to be original. All in all, the "Hawk Boyz" are worthless losers who will amount to nothing.
Tim: Did you hear that the Hawk Boyz are going to preform at the Pep Rally on Friday?
Joe: They're gonna get booed off stage.
by sandraleeeeeeeeee October 04, 2011
A group of homosexual men, usually exceeding 5 in number, who engage in hardcore anal and oral sex on a regular (daily/weekly/monthly) basis. The name for these types of groups comes from a gay sex position, called the hawk, which accommodates for multiple partners at one time.

Men engaged in these relationships often call each other "shorties," and call the act of gay sex "flexxing." Common lingo to inform partners of a hookup is to say that one was "hit up with a text," and that they "Know I gotta flexx."
"Hey, did you hear about Tristen being in a Hawk Boyz?"
-"yea, it made sense, i was pretty sure he swung that way anyway."
by GotEEEEMbiatch October 13, 2011
A "music" group originating in Martinsburg, WV. They are frequently seen engaging in mutual mastication at restaurants and other eating venues in the local area.

They also currently serve as advisers to the Department of Defense under the Obama administration. When asked for their thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden, they were noted as saying "Got 'eeem!!!".
**Elizabethan era discussion of the Hawk Boyz**

Lord: "Cedric?!?!"

Servant: "Yes?"

Lord: "My tea please!"

Servant: "My apologies sire, I have been flexxxing, and as you know, I am similar to a car with no brakes, in that I cannot stop"

Lord: "You've been listening to the Hawk Boyz?"

Servant: "Yes..."

Lord: "Off with your head!!!"
by Mister E. Mann October 11, 2011
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