Instead of Saying. Keep Your Kinckers On really. Just A Lil' Bit More Hip And Modern. Yeah.
'I F****** HATE YOU MAN'
'Wooh. Don't Have A Cow Man.'
#cow #knickers #hip-hop #hip #hop
by ELLE :) October 16, 2006
Top Definition
To completely and utterly flip the fuck out.
Mary really had a cow when she came home from work early caught me sticking it to her twin sister indabutt over the kitchen counter. Typical woman, always overreacting.
(have a cow)
#flip out #go apeshit #flip the fuck out #lose it #spaz
by Nick D October 21, 2005
A frequent utterance of Bart Simpson, "Don't have a cow" dismisses the other person's feelings as overreactive to the situation. The person who expresses anger, shock, disgust, or any of several other negative feelings towards an action or person is seen as having a cow. The person who induces bovine delivery, either through doing it or telling of the activity, often tries to minimize the activity as something not so bad. Saying don't have a cow minimizes both the activity itself *and* the person's feelings who is having the cow.
Jimmy Joe had a cow when he learned that his best friend, John Jay, had bought a term paper online and passed it off as his own writing.

Billy Ray laughed at Jimmy Joe's shock that he could do such a thing. He sneered, "Don't have a cow, man! Professors never read those papers anyway."
#shock #bovine delivery #bart simpson #freakout #disillusionment
by MsLi January 29, 2006
As in when a person will be extremely upset, angry, or suprised about something
Bob: Hey, did you hear about how Fred's house got bulldozed over while he was on vacation?

Joe: Yeah, he's going to have a cow when he finds out!
#freak out #spaz #die a-lotta-bit #flip out #die
by AlmostNinja October 26, 2010
The "country folk" version of "have a cow":

Your dad owns a dairy farm, so when Mom and Pop go out for dinner, you go out into the barn with a can of aerosol whip cream and spray it on your naked boner so one of the calves will suck you off.
CLYDE: Hey, Enos, are you going to the prom?

ENOS: No, all the chicks I asked turned me down. I think I'll just kill myself!

CLYDE: Come on man, it's not THAT bad -- have a cow!
#dream whip #77 #oralbator #cumpire #author gregg brady #dick liquor #humpty dumpty #author sex ed
by Harry Hickman December 01, 2006
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