Something or someone that attracts a lot of attention, and is the best in it's class. Not necessarily flashy, but highly enviable.
Man #1: "Hey bro, why does everyone try to find something wrong with your new Bently?"
Man #2: It's haterbait dude.
by snowridah November 06, 2009
Top Definition
A person who is successful, good-looking, smart or has any other qualities that cause them to attract the attention of haters.
Damn, that guy is so fine, he's straight up hater-bait.
by Bunnyfitch November 24, 2014
1. A creation such as a song that attempts to insult haters, but is such poor quality that it brings even more hate on itself.

2. A person who behaves in such a way (also known as a hater baiter).

The term sounds a little like "masturbate" which is no coincidence because ego and narcissism are where hater bait comes from.
1. Four minutes telling people they're just jealous, when the beat was crap and she couldn't even sing? That song was hater bait.

2. No, I'll criticize him if I want to. He deserves it: he's hater bait.
by cathexis July 03, 2011
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