Someone who despises his or her situation so uch they need to openly criticize others, sometimes in a disguised way to make it look self depreciating.
Cool dude: Hey look at my new car!!

Hater: Ah! So that's what a rich person looks like.

Cool dude: Stop hating man

Hater: Not at all, I was trying to be self-deprecatingly funny. I think it worked.
by Wonka's Willy November 28, 2012
A man who doesn't like Puffins Cereal.
"Bro, I don't like Puffins"
by Puffin Lover September 15, 2012
Some one who hates on others particularly because the main reason is they want to be the other that they hate,

Some one who hates for the sake of just hating

Some one jealous of anothers success
Guy 1:"I hate him so much look at him he just thinks he's so cool"

Guy 2:" Man stfu you just hate him because you wishing you was him"

Guy 1: "Grrr I hate them man"

Guy 2:"You just a hater you hate for the sake of hating why you gotta be a hater for?"

Guy 1 :"I hate him man he's the hot wife the cool car the big house good looks and money"

Guy 2: "Don't be a hater man when you really get to know him he is really cool and can probably teach you some tricks"

Haters gotta hate,

I aint no hater
by Harry69 May 22, 2012
Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

(n). People who cannot stand the thought of one's success and tries their very best to bring the person down with them. This is due to envy and a lack of accomplishments in their life.
Hater: I HATE upperclassmen! I HATE rich people! I HATE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE!!!

Random guy: It's okay man, cheer up. Rather than spending so much time hating on others, focus on yourself more often and just work hard. Soon you'll be successful too.
by RickeyX December 29, 2011
n. A commoner among the filthy, unwashed masses who has the skills of observation and clarity of mind to realize that someone who has been elevated through fame and fortune to the status of royalty is in fact undeserving of said status because that person is a talentless, overrated sham and to point this fact out either for their own satisfaction or for the benefit of others using that tool of mass communication called the Internet.
Jack: Man, you're just being a hater!

Jill: You say that like it's a bad thing.
by Ser Davos Seaworth November 29, 2011
Something that everyone claims to have when in reality, no one even knows who they are.
Retard: I LOVE HATERS!!!
Me: You dont have any haters. No one even knows who you are.
Me: Exactly.
by Lil Wayne sucks 3 dicks July 13, 2011
someone who has absolutely no talent themselves so tries to convince other people that someone who actually has talent is bad at whatever they do.
person 1: "Avenged Sevenfold is a pretty good band."

person 2:"yeah, and sum 41's new album isn't half-bad either."

hater:"Those bands suck! theyre no-talent shits!"

person 1&2:"get the fuck outta my life hater."
by ninjasandmongeese22 April 08, 2011

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