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Theres two type of haters in this world, mature haters and immature haters. Mature haters, they are the people who hate an individual IF the individual did something unacceptable or morally wrong, such as corruption, pickpocketing, murder etc. Immature haters, they are the people who hate an Individual due to the individual success or difference, immature haters creates fake story or scenarios to convince a person to hate the individual and thus hopefully to defame the individual. Immature haters can be known as losers of the world, because instead using their valuable time to do good for themselves they spend time hating the individual for one or two samll reason. To prevent yourself to become an immature haters, get a job, do workouts, go out with friends, yoga, etc.
Mature haters: I hate the man who robbed the old lady.

Immature haters: U suck your jokes arent even funny so shut up and die noooooooooooooooooooow i know a guy who is waaaaay funnier than you so shut up and if you keep posting your videos in youtube ill ban you you just love munny your singing sucks i own youtube facebook twitter and blah blah blah blah
by observe January 09, 2014
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Someone who hates on another person usually because that person is successful or they don't agree with another persons opinions or outlook on life
I hate JJ so much he's got everything that I want I envy him and get jealous of him

"Ahh you're just a hater worry about your own life rather than others"

Oh who cares about your opinion I'm always right

"Dude everyone is entitled to an opinion stop being such a hater"
by Lenny45 January 02, 2014
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Some one who hates on others particularly because the main reason is they want to be the other that they hate,

Some one who hates for the sake of just hating

Some one jealous of anothers success
Guy 1:"I hate him so much look at him he just thinks he's so cool"

Guy 2:" Man stfu you just hate him because you wishing you was him"

Guy 1: "Grrr I hate them man"

Guy 2:"You just a hater you hate for the sake of hating why you gotta be a hater for?"

Guy 1 :"I hate him man he's the hot wife the cool car the big house good looks and money"

Guy 2: "Don't be a hater man when you really get to know him he is really cool and can probably teach you some tricks"

Haters gotta hate,

I aint no hater
by Rhomsy May 22, 2012
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A person who hates something with no constructive reason. If a person has reasons to hate somethings, then he/she is not a hater.
A non-hater: Lil Wayne is garbage because 1. He's lyrics sucks (EX: I bulletproof the ride, now I feel like armadillas), 2. He sounds like a nerdy hobo, 3. He never raps about his expressions, just money, cars, and bitches.

a hater: Immortal Technique sucks because he is garbage.
by Joseph Reno April 26, 2012
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A word created mostly by fat, ugly, and annoying girls about people who don't like because of their "ideals" or "looks". I don't like you because you don't stop fucking talking about how horrible and tragic your life is. I don't care.
"They don't like me because I post endless things on Facebook about how I have boys troubles I don't have so they must be haters"
by Gary Fin March 02, 2012
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Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

(n). People who cannot stand the thought of one's success and tries their very best to bring the person down with them. This is due to envy and a lack of accomplishments in their life.
Hater: I HATE upperclassmen! I HATE rich people! I HATE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE!!!

Random guy: It's okay man, cheer up. Rather than spending so much time hating on others, focus on yourself more often and just work hard. Soon you'll be successful too.
by RickeyX December 29, 2011
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someone who has absolutely no talent themselves so tries to convince other people that someone who actually has talent is bad at whatever they do.
person 1: "Avenged Sevenfold is a pretty good band."

person 2:"yeah, and sum 41's new album isn't half-bad either."

hater:"Those bands suck! theyre no-talent shits!"

person 1&2:"get the fuck outta my life hater."
by ninjasandmongeese22 April 08, 2011
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