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Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success
Haters gonna hate
by supercko April 19, 2011
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1. One who suffers from a mental illness wherein he/she is frequently compelled to offer destructive criticism to/of others, as a consequence of one or more personal insecurities.

(Note: Contrary to popular belief, the insecurity prompting a type 1 hater is not necessarily 'jealousy', as the other often has nothing that the hater covets. Instead, the hater is prompted by conscious or unconscious, real or imagined perception of some deficiency within the self and/or life. The cause is mental imperfection of the subject/hater, little to do with the object/hated.)

2. One who assesses another with the conscious intent of degradation, such that the assessment is unfair, inaccurate and/or uncalled for.

(Note: Unlike the type 1 hater above, the type 2 hater is aware that their judgments are negatively skewed. Such a hater will make a conscious decision to be untruthful in order to degrade another. The motivation behind instances of a type 2 hater varies on a case by case basis. Note also that this is not a compulsive state of being like the type 1 hater, so someone may be a type 2 hater only in a given circumstance.)

3. One who takes pleasure in the act of criticizing another. Synonyms: a**hole, d**k, b***h

(Note: The nature of and reason for the criticism -- e.g. accurate, requested, constructive, etc. -- is irrelevant for the type 3 hater. The distinguishing factor is that the mere act of other-directed criticism suffices for positive valence (e.g. enjoyment).)
Hater: Oh, is that your new boo? *scowl*
Other: Yea, I love her.
Hater: She's aight but she can't dress. I could never date a girl who would walk out the house lookin like that. That's why I don't mess with any of these broads around here.
Other: Fuckin hater.
by KSharpIAm May 25, 2012
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A word typically used by people in the "Ghetto" describing a person that likes to see another fail or unhappy for another to succeed. As of late, the word is now an over-used word, used by your typical liberal/conservative young, suburban soccer mom or dad.
Becky: Like OMG I learned a new word from that rapper.... Umm... what's his name? 25 cents, I think.

Tanner: Oh that is so totally rad Becky!!! What's the new word?

Becky: Hater... I think is so friggin AWESOME. I think I'm going to use it in every sentence I use.

Tanner: Me 2 Becky!!!!!!!! Let's go frolic in the park and be haters together.

Beck: Sure hater!
by AmethystAnarchyAngel November 07, 2011
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ha•ter - hay'-ter noun

1. n. one who is bothered or made to feel a strong sense of envy by the success, happiness, prosperity, or good-fortune of others

2. n. one who aims to defame, slander, or obstruct the dopeness or enjoyment of others (often characterized as the ‘sucka’ in a given situation or scenario)

3. n. person with an eagerness to find fault in the prestige or pleasure experienced by others
Once I came up, I saw who my real hater(s) were.
by MissBeaMines October 28, 2011
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Something that everyone claims to have when in reality, no one even knows who they are.
Retard: I LOVE HATERS!!!
Me: You dont have any haters. No one even knows who you are.
Me: Exactly.
by Lil Wayne sucks 3 dicks July 13, 2011
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(Noun) A person who searches something they don't like on youtube, then leaves nasty comments on that video and all other related videos.
Dustin- "Did you see My Chemical Romance's new music video?"

Haley- "Yeah but I got really angry at this teenie bopper who was being a hater."
by Music Ninja January 04, 2011
5 3
any person who enjoys witnessing others misfortunes, or causes it for ones benefit
Haters are all around, trying to ruin your day
Haters are all around, trying to steal your hay-
by Fetalmatter December 02, 2010
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