A person who hates something with no constructive reason. If a person has reasons to hate somethings, then he/she is not a hater.
A non-hater: Lil Wayne is garbage because 1. He's lyrics sucks (EX: I bulletproof the ride, now I feel like armadillas), 2. He sounds like a nerdy hobo, 3. He never raps about his expressions, just money, cars, and bitches.

a hater: Immortal Technique sucks because he is garbage.
by Joseph Reno April 26, 2012
any person who enjoys witnessing others misfortunes, or causes it for ones benefit
Haters are all around, trying to ruin your day
Haters are all around, trying to steal your hay-
by Fetalmatter December 02, 2010
(HAY-tur) A person who strongly dislikes or disagrees with one or more things, usually unreasonably.
Jenny was mad at me for getting a better mark on the math test than her; she's such a hater!
by PanGen13 March 31, 2015
An obnoxiously overused term championed by Juggalos, swaggots, celebrities, and intellectually inept people in general.
Only a hater would make fun of my snapback and douchey Tapout clothing!
by Yolo McSwagsalot June 04, 2014
haters are people who waste their time voicing their opinions on the people they say they dislike, when in actual fact, if they really hated that certain thing, they would keep away from it.

Haters also backfire on themselves when they retaliate against haters of things they love.
Girl 1: omg you random twats that I don't know are so fucking horrible! I don't really know who you are but I'm going to just say your fricking awful coz i can!

Girl 2: LOL this random twat is hilariously retarded! You call that dancing? it looks like my goldfish trying to backflip! lol!

Girl 1: OI, YOU CAN'T SAY THAT YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER! In actual fact she is really nice and loves goldfish! Piss off haters!
by Llama Lava Lamps December 26, 2012
ha•ter - hay'-ter noun

1. n. one who is bothered or made to feel a strong sense of envy by the success, happiness, prosperity, or good-fortune of others

2. n. one who aims to defame, slander, or obstruct the dopeness or enjoyment of others (often characterized as the ‘sucka’ in a given situation or scenario)

3. n. person with an eagerness to find fault in the prestige or pleasure experienced by others
Once I came up, I saw who my real hater(s) were.
by MissBeaMines October 28, 2011
Having jealousy/hate against someone reaching success.

Person 1: I hate Justin Bieber, hes only 16, so what does he need two cars for?

Person 2: Stop the hate, just cause he isn't you. He's got way too many haters already, he dont need anymore.
by dinmama11 January 29, 2011

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