A premeditated or spontaneous act of an individual or group thereof, who endeavors to keeps another individual (usually African American) from achieving his or her full potential in their chosen field of excellence. The act usually takes a blasphemous or ridiculing verbal form but holds the potential to escalate into a physical altercation; i.e. fisticuffs or cap busting. The propagation and proliferation of such hate has become a pandemic in African American culture. Said hate can apply to all facets of the game; i.e. ones chosen mode of transportation, one’s ability to engage in intercourse (with hoes and/or bitches), ones financial resources, or ones felonious enterprises. Haters frequently resort to such colloquialisms in order to further degrade the moral of the hatee. Constituents of the hater nation usually travel in numbers, in order to exponentially compound such distaste.
Tyrone, upon hearing of Malik’s repeated reception of felatious acts by the sensuously shaped Shaniqua, exhibited his characteristic qualities of a hater by entering into a tirade detailing Malik’s inadequacies of his reproductive organs.
by The Alpha Hater July 13, 2009
A word that 11-15 year olds use to describe anyone who dares to have a different opinion on a subject, usually something such as a band or a show on television. Music examples would be one direction or blood on the dance floor, both of which are highly overrated. Even if the person who gives the different opinion explains why they believe so in a calm manner, they obviously must be a hater of it.
Me: I don't like blood on the dance floor because Dahvie Vanity is a proven and convicted rapist and seems highly hypocritical as they repeatedly tell everyone to be friends and not bullies yet often bullies children on Twitter and other networking websites for different opinions

'Scene' girl: OmG ur just another stupyd haters dulz rawr!!!!!
by The Anonymous Anon March 31, 2013
An overused word used by someone to describe another person that expresses a different opinion other than that of their own. This term is generally used by someone who can not intellectually respond to someone having a different opinion than that of their own and is thrown out as a last ditch effort to discredit the persons argument.
PERSON 1: You mean didn't vote for Barack Obama?!

PERSON 2: No, I did not. In my opinion, I believe his politics are little too far left for me to feel comfortable voting for him. I'm sure he's a decent enough guy personally, but can't see him as my President.

PERSON 1: You're just a hater.
by CB TreCinquenta February 01, 2010
A term used to deflect criticism and erect a mental dissonance that allows one to ignore further criticism in continued delusion of one's own competence, skill or talent.
In addressing someone's inability to sing in tune.

Person 1: You're not good a good singer.
Person 2: Nah, I want to believe that I'm good. Therefore, you're just a jealous hater and you're opinion is worthless.
by Horatio Watson December 30, 2011
A label that some people apply to anyone who disagrees with them on any subject. Such name calling is designed to discourage critical and independent thinking, and prevent full inspection of bogus ideas and beliefs. Use of the term hater is rampant on the internet.
The commenter that just wouldn't accept my presentation of the cold hard fact that the US government was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center towers was just a hater.
by Melinda Mackenzie October 18, 2013
A word typically used by people in the "Ghetto" describing a person that likes to see another fail or unhappy for another to succeed. As of late, the word is now an over-used word, used by your typical liberal/conservative young, suburban soccer mom or dad.
Becky: Like OMG I learned a new word from that rapper.... Umm... what's his name? 25 cents, I think.

Tanner: Oh that is so totally rad Becky!!! What's the new word?

Becky: Hater... I think is so friggin AWESOME. I think I'm going to use it in every sentence I use.

Tanner: Me 2 Becky!!!!!!!! Let's go frolic in the park and be haters together.

Beck: Sure hater!
by AmethystAnarchyAngel November 07, 2011
Having jealousy/hate against someone reaching success.

Person 1: I hate Justin Bieber, hes only 16, so what does he need two cars for?

Person 2: Stop the hate, just cause he isn't you. He's got way too many haters already, he dont need anymore.
by dinmama11 January 29, 2011

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