Anyone person who disses or disrespects someone that has what they don't. Especially any human being that doesn't belong in America, that has a cold ass heart enough to diss a beautiful, innocent, and sweet hearted angel like Aaliyah.
You's a hater
by Maurice July 03, 2003
A female by the name of Amanda from Bed-stuy brooklyn she hates on everyone everything and she does not care
she even calles her self hater fantastico she had a belt made that says hater she is serious
she is even a better hater than star and buck wild they have nothing on her :)
yo manda you like that hat?
hell no! you want me to look like a brooklyn hood rat? or someone from Harlem????
mind you she does like the hat its just that she is such a hater that she would say that she does not like it
by brooklyn hater December 31, 2003
ignorant jealous person that is envious of others; see tristan
'tristan is a fuckin hater, kid'
by tristan July 11, 2004
Put right to the point it means total asshole.
That person hates everyone for no reason at all,i say what's up and he says (FUCK OFF),That's adownright hater
by G DOGG December 14, 2003
Someone who hates everything; Doenst like very much; Close-minded. A pointeless condition from being homosexual.These kind of people hate awsome things like "the Matrix" and Christmas. Dont forget free will, democracy, and the
Keith Poisipanko, Jon Eison
by Dan Pants October 25, 2004
People who don't like Guy Sebastian.
Caz of the Spin Starts Here fame.

by GuySebastian January 04, 2004
A goddamn overused term used frequently by low intelligence preteen girls who don't like the idea that people like other artists than them so they use their half-witted minds to get half-witted arguments and just assume that anyone who dislikes a certain singer or genre is jealous of their success (even if said singer or actor has no talent). Frequently, these fans tell you that "if you're so good, upload a video of yourself singing or playing (instrument). The lowest end of humanity on the IQ scale who obsess over talentless singers like Justin Bieber and Ross Lynch are ones who use this term the most.

In other words, if you state a negative opinion (even in the nicest way), you're a hater.
Person 1: Not exactly my type of music, very screechy singing and I prefer (insert band or singer here).

Person 2: HATER!!! Why would you say that, (insert band or singer here) is the best of all time, you're just jealous that you can't sing. I'd like to see you do better.
by I love cheesburgers October 28, 2014

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