1. A person who hates others unprovoked
2. A person who hates out of racism, depression or racism.
3. Someone who hates someone superior to them.
4. NOT someone who hates a hater.
5. NOT someone who hates someone after being provoked.
6. Adrian C from Glenmore Park High School

Scroll down to the bottom of the example if you wish to read a brief example rather than the long one but I would recommend you read the long one.
There are many haters in this world but Adrian C is a perfect example. (The first letters of the second names may be wrong but the main reason I put them was so you wouldn't get confused between the two Alex'es).

Adrian C: A hater. He hates for a number of reasons, including being jealous of other's successes, disliking coloured people and as a depression cure because of his depression caused by having no boyfriend.
Alex M: Given too much shit about a story of him shitting in some guy's pool
Alex F: A Christian who felt sorry for people like Adrian at one time
Mark P: A filo who's good at electronics and popular for rapping
Anthony G: Someone who Adrian finds attractive
Michael E: A good football player
Daniel M: A guy with huge muscles
Ryan O: Known to be in many fights
Nathan S: Has lots of money which he spends on pies
Ricky M: Started a conversation about hating Adrian but is not a hater, he was provoked but I don't know much about that.

The following are the 10 best scenarios I could think of that a hater would take part in

=Scenario 1 - In front of the class when the teacher is away=
*in this scenario it shows how Adrian is depressed and has to put someone else down to make himself feel superior*
Adrian C: Have you heard of Alex M? He shit in some guys pool
Alex M: Fuckin shut up, I was in year 2 at the time you dickhead

=Scenario 2 - In Electronics class=
*this scenario shows how Adrian was treated good by someone and in return treated the other person like shit, a true trait of a hater*
Adrian C: *crying all alone because people wouldn't talk to him because they had enough of his hating*
Alex F: *being the well respected, kind christian he is, he walks up to Adrian and starts talking to him and was being a friend*
*the next day*
Adrian C: Alex, you're a faggot

=Scenario 3 - In Electronics class=
*this scenario shows how Adrian is jealous that Mark is smart and has to put Mark down to feel better. Not only was it to feel better but Adrian hates Asians*
Mark P: *sits down with nothing to do cause being the smart electrition he is, he finished his project first and has nothing to do*
Adrian C: *being jealous of Mark P's intelligence* Mark your a faggot
Mark P: keep talking your shit.. I dont give a fuck about a hater's opinion

=Scenario 4 - PE=
*this shows how at first, Adrian lusted a fellow classmate but when he was rejected, he hated the other person*
Adrian C: *a homosexual incase I haven't mentioned yet, grabs Anthony G's ass*
Anthony G: Fuck off you homo
Adrian C: I hate you, I was just showing my feelings towards you

=Scenario 5 - Lunchtime=
*this scenario shows how Adrian went real low just to get what he wants but when he gets it, he hates the person generous enough to give him it*
Michael E: Our team has 6 people and the other team has 4 so I'll join the other team
Adrian C: *doesn't really like football, he just likes grabbing other guys* No, please stay on our team
Michael E: Ok I'll stay on your team but don't do that again you fuckin gay prick
Adrian C: shut up faggot, there's nothing wrong with being gay

=Scenario 6 - In maths class=
*by this poin't you'd notice that Adrian used the word faggot alot. People say that people who use the word hater are unoriginal but hater is a legitimate word to describe people who hate. Haters on the other hand are unoriginal, they use the same insults over and over again*
Adrian C: *grabs Daniel M's huge muscles* I like your muscles
Daniel M: Get your hands off me, I'm not gay
Adrian C: Neither am I you faggot, I don't like your muscles anyway faggot

=Scenario 7 - Sport Science (I'm not sure) =
*Adrian knows Ryan because of his reputation for being in fights, here he tries to piss off Ryan because he's jealous that he doesn't get as much attention. Haters are also pussies, after they get hurt a little they stop what they're doing*
Adrian C: *throws paper at Ryan O*
Ryan O: fuckin stop it or I'll snap you
Adrian C: *throws another paper*
Ryan O: *punches Adrian in the face*
Adrian C: *stops throwing paper and doesn't talk for the rest of the lesson*

=Scenario 8 - RECESS=
*this scenario shows how Adrian is jealous of Nathan's stockpile of spare $$$ to spend on pies*
Adrian C: Nathan you're a faggot, all you do is eat pie
Nathan S: *throws the rest of his pie at Adrian*
Adrian C: Fuck you faggot

=Scenario 9 - Electronics=
*this scenario shows how Adrian hates stuff he doesn't even know about. It shows how he hates RuneScape when he never even played it. Or he might be jealous that hundreds of thousands of dollars is spent on RuneScape and no one gives money to Adrian*
Alex F: What's the new update on RuneScape?
Mark P: It's...
Adrian C: RUNESCAPE IS GAY!!!!!!!!
Mark P: Shut up hater, you never played it so stop hating shit you don't know about

=Scenario 10 - Lunchtime=
*this is a conversation between the people who hate Adrian. These people aren't haters because they have a right to hate Adrian (they were provoked)*
Ricky M: Fuck I hate Adrian, he's fuckin annoying
Ryan O: I fuckin know, that's why I punched him in the face
Mark P: Yeah go Ryan, all Adrian says is faggot this faggot that but the actual fact is that he wants a big fat dick in is crack going deep into his back and that's the truth, these lyrics ain't wack
Alex M: Mark rap is shit but I agree with what you said. Adrian has something to say about everyone.
Alex F: Yeah I know, I was being nice to him one day and the next day he treated me like dirt
Mark P: Man he teases people to cure his depression, why can't he take anti-depressants or see the counsellor? Also, I heard he grabbed Anthony G's ass, he's probably depressed cause he's gay and can't find a guy that would go out with him.
Michael E: That's not all, he hugged me once.
Daniel M: And he felt my muscles and was being all gay and shit.
Nathan S: He talked shit about me eating pie.

The scenario 10 just showed everone rightfully hating Adrian and they aren't haters. They were provoked but Adrian's hating wasn't provoked so he's a hater. These examples may be similar to the ones you experience so don't get confused with people who hate when provoked and people who hate out of jealousy, racism and depression unprovoked.
by straight up snitch September 22, 2006
To put someone down because you are jealous, or to steal a girlfriend.
Hater says to Boyfriend: Hey Biatch, your woman was cheating on you.
Boyfriend says: Really? FucX that ho, its over.
Hater says to Girlfriend: Sup Girl you wanna hook up tonight
by Joaquin May 26, 2005
people like how they put the definitions on rap and rock music. Damn alot of hater for sure.. those aren't even definitions, those are just stupid opinions by dumbass people who are making their selves look like a fuckin loser.
look up "rap" or "rock" you'll see alot of haters there... just pisses me off >=
by emcie July 27, 2004
A person who takes the time to "Hate on" others because they have more than said hater.
Ya see, I don't like that Bill Cosby because he's so damn rich
by Gary July 08, 2004
This is my favorite. I think It supposed to mean cock blocker but It really doesnt set right when blacks say it to whites due to 400 years of nothing short of hatred from the whites.
This is coming from the people who call each other nigger.
Dont hate ma nigga
by Greg Dobbin February 29, 2004
a person who dislikes other or no reason,race or because the person they are hatin'is better than him
man,this clown is hatin on me cause im better than him.what a hater.
by liladogg90 March 14, 2003
Someone completely irritated by pop music.

see: timberlake, justin.
Me: I can't stand Justin Timbo yo. He's in my face too damn much.
Random pop fiend: You're a hater dude!! How can you possibly hate Justin maaan! You're a hater!!
by cee December 09, 2003

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