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a person, usually a guy but not limited to them that for whatever reason doesn't want other people to be successful, usually with girls but not limited to them and therefore, hates on you.
1.) you could be at a bar talking to the best looking girl in the joint, and this girl might be all about you too, but then your drunk buddy who happens to be a hater rolls up on the scene and starts falling all over the place, making you look like an asshole and scaring her away. That's a hater.

2.) you might be in a bedroom with a girl about to get a piece and then all of the sudden, your buddy starts banging away at the door for no reason. He just wants to figure out a way for it be as hard as possible for you to get some. That's a hater.

3.) the worst kind of hater though is the one who talks bad about whatever it is you're doing, but only when he's not involved himself. when he's part of it, it's all good, but when he's not doing what you're doing, don't be surprised if he's talking bad about it to everybody else.
by TwanDiggity February 08, 2005
The people who post on this site to "hate" on the anime community because they are ignorant and have nothing better to do with their time.
Man look at all the definitions those haters poster for "anime"
by Zumbi July 10, 2003
a person who hates everything that the other peron likes because the hater just wants more attention.
me: "do u think that patrick stump is hot?"
hater: "ewww! no u weirdo!!!"
me: *stuffs hater in garbage*
by Samantaah February 08, 2008
a stupid fucking idiot that hates everything and everyone for no apparent reason.
dude a: hahaha
dude b: whats so goddamn funny?
dude a: hahaha
dude b: dumbass.
dude b takes a chainsaw and tears dude b's arm off
dude a: hahaha
dude c: hahaha
dude d: hahaha
dude e: dumbasses...
dude b and dude e have sex and scream, HATERR, HAAAATER!!
dude f: fuckin haters...
by Tory Burnett October 28, 2007
A person who criticizes a minority group with a valid or invalid observation.
Joe: Jamal is 23 years old and in great shape. I see him work out every day at the gym. He should be working instead of collecting social security for his asthma.

Aretha: You is a hater. Jist cuz you work and pay taxes dont mean he has to. You jealos.
by 8Frank8 October 23, 2007
A person who chooses to hate another person on the internet for no apparent reason, or if he has a reason, it is often a half-assed one. Often the person is a victim of multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, or other diseases that cause him to make up his own reality, often including several made-up personalities who praise his own work, attack or ignore those who criticize his work, and attack others' work. Sometimes there may also be a case where he accuses others of theft, when he himself is a thief.
Zack had MPD, which caused him to become delusional that Mike was being mean to him. So out of revenge, he and his imaginary friends attacked Mike over the internet for no apparent reason. He is a perfect example of a hater.
by Xaszx August 14, 2007
a person who is awesome in every aspect of his/her existence. Usually very smart, good looking and very lovable.
damn, kristof stop being sucha hater!
by kristofwalker April 16, 2007