a boxing fan who really really hates Floyd Mayweather.They refuse to acknowledge his achievements regardless of how high they are.
Yo dawg, member dat lil' puerto rican fellow Jose,man he's a hater yo, ain't never said anythin good about lil money May.he's a hater man.
by biily232 May 01, 2008
Someone who has an negative opinion about something. It often is said towards those who dislike a certain hip-hop artist. Often this word is overused and the term seems to be used to give a negative view on the person with the different opinion and to make the person feel like an outcast and exposed, when in reality those who call others haters are haters themselves.
Different opinion:"I dislike Half-A-Dollar's new album. Too bland for my taste"

Person: "You're a hater!"
by Angelic_Rose December 26, 2007
a person that hates on you that tries to make you feel bad about the way you look,act,and etc.
"Watch them haters...they can bring your hopes down"

"Shake them haters off..."
by J.Kandace.F August 01, 2005
Anyone who hates on another's happiness, success, car, or just plain pimp status. It IS possible to hate on something that's busted...adequacy isn't important
"Your car is busted homie"
"I'm in the process of workin that out, don't hate"
by Cheezie October 13, 2004
what a bunch of people that post def. on this site are.
These people are the biggest haters I've ever seen.
by elvis June 27, 2003
a shit talker, who spends time talking about other people and doesnt notice their own flaws and problems. Basically Audrey Kisob.
Audrey Kisob is such a haterrrr
by sweetxlies August 03, 2010
In Minnesota, haters can mean the police, or anyone who dislikes you for no apparent reason.
Drae sees the police car and says "put that down, its the haters!"
by Cloud9AllTheTime February 22, 2010

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