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In Minnesota, haters can mean the police, or anyone who dislikes you for no apparent reason.
Drae sees the police car and says "put that down, its the haters!"
by Cloud9AllTheTime February 22, 2010
5 13
Being hateful and jealous of others.
Ike is a hater because Sam is so much cooler than him.
by thechaserblog April 21, 2009
2 10
1. To simply pick on another person.
2. Dislike someone.
3. Haters can be the person that sits beside you in: class,the bus, your house, etc.
4. To be a DINK.
Aaron and Gardjyms hate on Nicole in history class everyday of the week fourth period, making them both haters.
by Nikki152 March 08, 2008
9 17
A person in Medical School who is jealous of others because of their success on examinations. This is especially if someone has taken courses before or has placed out of courses.
Yeah well I would have Honored Physiology too if I didn't have to to take Microanatomy.

Dude quit being such a hater.
by Dr. Dragon August 30, 2007
12 20
1. Extreme anger, or dislike for a person because because of jealousy.
2. Dislike of a person for the pettiest reasons known to man.
3. To point out a persons flaws or weaknesses, and try to magnify them 100 times, to overlook that persons positives.
4. ssj marik.
ssj marik: Lebron James is the most overhyped player in the NBA.

IcebergSlim: Dude relax, he's only 21.

ssj marik: How yall gone compare him to Jordan, and not Dwayne Wade.

IcebergSlim: Don't be a hater!!!
by IcebergSlim April 23, 2006
21 29
one who hates,instigates,and agitates with hopes to see a playa fall....but 4 every thousand haters there's a real nigga
"That nigga told my lady i was cheatin....but fuck him he'z just a Hater...."
by LiL hYfee April 02, 2006
25 33
someone who dislikes someone strongly without really knowing them, or knowing the circumstance about which you are hating the person for
Person 1 : I disklike jebediah because I heard he bought a gun.
Person 2: You a hater, you don't know his life or the circumstances surrounding such a purchase
by camron diggs November 02, 2005
17 25