1) Someone who disagrees with me
2) Someone who stops me from doing something I wanted to do
I was makin' good money by selling copper from work, but some hater turned me in
by UrbanBubba January 28, 2010
a. People afraid of self expression that threatens their little bubbles of safety.
b. A manipulator.
a. Charles is such a hater because his friends are moving on and he's stuck in his crappy life.

b. I don't understand why Richard gets to go on holidays while I'm stuck here doing his job. God, he's such a hater!
by Cat_The_Red_Head January 12, 2010
Hater: someone who blatantly expresses unwarranted negative opinions toward others, possibly due to a previous confrontation, jealousy, or other disdain.
A hater might say, "I think Beyonce is ugly, skinny, and untalented."
by file gumbo May 08, 2009
Marquita & Mercedes
Why Marquita and Mercedes always talkin some bullshit? Cause they HATERS...
by DADE305 December 12, 2008
Haters (n.)(pl.) - Sordid little girls (also known as stupid bitches) acting out jealous tendencies through the slandering of otherwise hot, popular, and beautiful grown women in an attempt to bring said woman down to the hater level, which is one step below dog shit. Alternate forms - hating (v.), hater (n.)(sing.)
Haters hate and think it's funny...
by Jo Lo March 15, 2007
one who hates on other people...
usually this person does not realize they are a hater but constantly hate.

trait - rolling of the eyes
Candiss holmes -
"You guys suck! Girls rules! I am NOT a hater!!"

"I love drinking the haterade"
by world June 15, 2006
person who openly criticizes with judgmental opinions based on fact and stereotype which may be ignorant. a hater is someone who is reserved with lauding someone on accomplishment and treats every one as suspect.
"i hate on people who drive in massachusetts" fact and stereotype blended because mass drivers tend to suck behind the wheel
by alex March 24, 2005

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