A word used by individuals in denial. Often used when someone doesn't have the guts to confront something negative, or when an individual doesn't want to adhere to simple logic.

Traditionally used by people with an IQ lower than room temperature.
Lawyer #1: As you can see your honor, the DNA samples do not match and my client, clearly, is innocent.

Lawyer #2: ZomG ur JuST A HATER!
by RJ v2 March 13, 2010
1) Someone who disagrees with me
2) Someone who stops me from doing something I wanted to do
I was makin' good money by selling copper from work, but some hater turned me in
by UrbanBubba January 28, 2010
Hater: someone who blatantly expresses unwarranted negative opinions toward others, possibly due to a previous confrontation, jealousy, or other disdain.
A hater might say, "I think Beyonce is ugly, skinny, and untalented."
by file gumbo May 08, 2009
Marquita & Mercedes
Why Marquita and Mercedes always talkin some bullshit? Cause they HATERS...
by DADE305 December 12, 2008
Haters (n.)(pl.) - Sordid little girls (also known as stupid bitches) acting out jealous tendencies through the slandering of otherwise hot, popular, and beautiful grown women in an attempt to bring said woman down to the hater level, which is one step below dog shit. Alternate forms - hating (v.), hater (n.)(sing.)
Haters hate and think it's funny...
by Jo Lo March 15, 2007
A person who dislike or don't agree with a subject.

Haters should stay out of their hating subject's blogs or websites, because they're totally ruining it for all the non-haters. The blogs and websites are for fans only. (And a few stalkers)
User One: Oh, I love (insert tv show here). The best show ever.
User Two: The writers are geniuses!
User Three: Hilarious!
User Four (the Hater): What? That show sucks! You f*ckers and all those other useless viewers waste 30 minutes of their useless lives just looking at it

User 1, 2, and 3: .....
by shadow132 August 08, 2010
50% of all Urban Dictionary definitions of artists.

Characterized by an irrational and usually poorly supported belief that the artist in question is somehow extraordinarily inferior to others in his/her field. Usually found within the contexts of musical artists, although they can be found in almost all subjects. Often holds a violent and highly vocal hatred of fans of the artist the hater hates upon.
Most Urban Dictionary definitions on popular artists such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne are written by haters.

See the above examples for more information.
by MrWest.on July 31, 2010

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