50% of all Urban Dictionary definitions of artists.

Characterized by an irrational and usually poorly supported belief that the artist in question is somehow extraordinarily inferior to others in his/her field. Usually found within the contexts of musical artists, although they can be found in almost all subjects. Often holds a violent and highly vocal hatred of fans of the artist the hater hates upon.
Most Urban Dictionary definitions on popular artists such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne are written by haters.

See the above examples for more information.
by MrWest.on July 31, 2010
a. People afraid of self expression that threatens their little bubbles of safety.
b. A manipulator.
a. Charles is such a hater because his friends are moving on and he's stuck in his crappy life.

b. I don't understand why Richard gets to go on holidays while I'm stuck here doing his job. God, he's such a hater!
by Cat_The_Red_Head January 12, 2010
People who dislike others for who they
Haters are people who look at someone else and think that person is a piece of crap. And they choose not to belong is a lie juggalos are not outcasts because they choose to be. The reason juggalos are outcasts is because they are forced because of the way they live there lives differently from others. Those other people dont like the way they live because they are different. And those hater out there should just shut your faces and drink some haterade before you get the mothafuckin bone biatch.
by juggalo boy January 04, 2010
(1) A person who doesnt like the success of another. They will look for flaws in someone elses success to bring them down so they wont feel as bad.

(2) A Hater is also everyone that thumbs down this definition. The thumbs down means, "Hate it". Therefore, they are Haters.

(1) Person 1: I just got hired at Home Depot yesterday!

Person 2: Really, i bet you wont even last a year there.

Person 1: You fuckin Hater!

(2) Person 1: I dont understand why people who gave this a thumbs down would look up the definition for a "Hater" when they are one.

Person 2: Because they dont know that they are yet.
by thiiirdworldswag April 18, 2009
one who hates on other people...
usually this person does not realize they are a hater but constantly hate.

trait - rolling of the eyes
Candiss holmes -
"You guys suck! Girls rules! I am NOT a hater!!"

"I love drinking the haterade"
by world June 15, 2006
person who openly criticizes with judgmental opinions based on fact and stereotype which may be ignorant. a hater is someone who is reserved with lauding someone on accomplishment and treats every one as suspect.
"i hate on people who drive in massachusetts" fact and stereotype blended because mass drivers tend to suck behind the wheel
by alex March 24, 2005
Term used to dismiss the opinions of those who envy your success or who don't share your tastes. Used by fans of e.g. Lil Fizz...
"Mine(Kyara Fredric"s) so haters back off he is my man. A light chocalate fantasy and so bootilicious! While yall girls waitin 4 him 2 take off his shirt i see it "access grantly"!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

"Access grantly?"
by marcata August 13, 2003

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