n. "someone who dislikes something for wack reasons or with out a reason and has to make their opinion heard." it shouldnt be suprising that this word is used so often. it describes most people of the world today. too bad most of the time its used by hypocrites.
BoB - "what a fag... tryin to rock them green kicks."
JoE - "dude yous a hater. why u hatin on him? dont be mad cuz u cant rock those dope shoes. u know they fresh. why cant u just be happy for him?"
by JoE November 12, 2004
H aving
A nger
T owards
E veryone
R eaching
S uccess
Chamillionaire says good morning to HATERS.
by at2299 July 22, 2011
a word often used by douche bags to describe the normal people who logically have no reason to like them (hate them). it can be properly used, but rarely is.
yo yo yo all these gangstas be up on my grill hatin on my rap game but i'l show dem wassup.

all those guys are haters cause they don't like my man uggs
by mypsudonymforzac November 18, 2010
Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success
edwin and his friends hated johnny cause he was making more dough than them. they were true haters
by aaddfg12345 October 02, 2010
See 2nd definition for Preteen.
Many haters are under the age of thirteen.
by dolphist June 21, 2010
A word used by individuals in denial. Often used when someone doesn't have the guts to confront something negative, or when an individual doesn't want to adhere to simple logic.

Traditionally used by people with an IQ lower than room temperature.
Lawyer #1: As you can see your honor, the DNA samples do not match and my client, clearly, is innocent.

Lawyer #2: ZomG ur JuST A HATER!
by RJ v2 March 13, 2010
Another word for a hickey. Often used by mexicans/latinos/hispanics
"Ey look at all the haters on that girl's neck."
by ahobbitnamedharold February 23, 2010
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