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a person who envies you so much they start to stalk you and dreams they were you.
the girl there is a hater she knows she wants you.(michelle)
by Haterz23 April 08, 2009
A hater is the unnatractive grenade friend who ends up a welfare mother with 5 kids and on drugs at 25.

The hater hates when anyone compliments her pretty friend. When guys compliment her friend she will try to make up a flaw instead.

The hater friend usually dosen't have the brains or beauty to get anywhere in life and ends up coming onto the internet to let out her frustrations about being a failure or not pretty enough to get a quality man or make something of herself.
You got a hater friend, better get away from her before her scumminess and low lifeness rubs off on you.

Wise words said by about 20 different people.
by kale002 November 13, 2008
A user on a blog, chatroom, or other website, e.g. YouTube who acts hostile and/or flames other users based on race, religion, ethnicity, accent, or other difference or general dislike of that person. On some websites, like YouTube, they flag videos and/or attempt to get accounts banned due to dislike. Some haters are fanboys who write hostile comments towards someone who disagrees with them.
A guy in Dublin puts up a video game review on YouTube and a hater writes:

Ur a fag. Yor accents is gay.
U rip off AVGN.
Go get drunk irish guy.
by King of Jellybeans November 10, 2007
A person whose jealousy causes them to act maliciously or say malicious and vindictive things about another person. Mainly because they want that person or what that person has.
"That 40 karat platinum chain is ugly"
"You are such a hater"
by V-el June 06, 2007
n. "someone who dislikes something for wack reasons or with out a reason and has to make their opinion heard." it shouldnt be suprising that this word is used so often. it describes most people of the world today. too bad most of the time its used by hypocrites.
BoB - "what a fag... tryin to rock them green kicks."
JoE - "dude yous a hater. why u hatin on him? dont be mad cuz u cant rock those dope shoes. u know they fresh. why cant u just be happy for him?"
by JoE November 12, 2004
A person who is spiteful or something, a person who talks trash because they wish they were like someone and/or don't have the things he/she has, or thinks a person does not deserve to have something they have acquired (received). A hateful, despiteful, spiteful, weak, hateful bitch or biatch or bioche. Also a person who will soon get their ass whooped, shot, or hurt very badly. And a person or haters (plural amount of hater....more than one) who need to get a life/get lives.
by EBSEDCGRL03 September 03, 2003






The perfect explanation of haters
by Lenoat702 July 31, 2011