the duchbags that have no life whatsoever that have to hate good things to try to feel happy about how unberably stupid they are
people(haters) who intentionaly look things up on the internet that they hate so they can make fun of it because it makes feel like there special even though it just proves how much of a dumbass they are
by stupid pseudonyom August 22, 2009
An Asian girl who refuses to date Asian guys. Such an Asian girl typically only dates white guys.
Asian girl: I won't date you, because you are an Asian guy. I'm just not attracted to Asian guys. White guys are better looking.
Asian guy: You're a hater.
by LasVegasDude February 11, 2007
to dislike someone else for no real reason besides jealousy, you are mad b/c maybe they are more advanced ten yourself,prettier, etc...
Man most people i konw really are haters simply cause they are jealous of what i have...
by BABY PAC November 29, 2003
A person who unduly demeans, disparages, or bashes, a person or thing for negative emotional reasons rather than logical, argumented reasons.

The hater often focuses on the inherent nature of said person or thing, and sometimes focuses on superficial or irrelevant qualities. The hating is often motivated by spitefulness, envy, or anything that can cause intense emotional dislike.
''Beyoncé is such a stupid bitch. Just look at the way she dances! What is she, a gorilla? She really needs to start making some good music... well... it's never gonna be good with her annoying screams and shouty singing. So... yeah, she should just fuck off.''

''You're just a hater, man. If you don't like to listen to her voice, don't, but don't make it seem like she's bad at singing when most of the planet would disagree with you. And I know you hate her for some stuff she did on TV, but come on, that doesn't make her a bad person, shitty singer or anything else. You're just bitching about your own preferences and how Beyoncé doesn't fit them. Either that or you're jealous and want to feel better by bringing others down to your level. Just stop.''
by WhiteWarlock August 03, 2016
A word that losers use.
Person: Justin Bieber sucks
Retard: ur just a hater #blockoffthehaterzzzz
by 3PACTVHD January 28, 2016
a word used by those who lack any coping mechanism for others that refuse to hand out participation trophies at failures. Commonly found in social media and automotive culture.
"I would call you a hater, but I have recently realized I am just trying to justify my failures with mass social acceptance to further promote my narcissism created by my parents and school teachers who gave me participation trophies thought my life."
by AlsChopShop July 31, 2015
(Noun) HAY-ter

The term used by an individual who can't handle any differing opinion, no matter how slight, and immediately resorts to using this word to label those who harbor differing opinions. Mostly used by insecure automotive enthusiasts (predominantly the stance kids) who have a sense of self entitlement to project their existence over others and bypass rules.
G: "Hey man my opinion is different than yours but thats okay. I understand people think differently."

R: "Kick rocks hater, my opinion is right."
by The Herpist March 30, 2015
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