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Generally, a hater can be described as a person who dislikes and defamates a person, group, or concept for various reasons. There are three types of haters in the world, their categorization based upon their reason(s) for said hating. All of the following are said to engage in the consumption of Haterade.

1. The Hillbilly Hater - This is the hater that no one really takes seriously because of his ancient views and racial superiority complex. The Hillbilly Hater wishes there were still lynchings every weekend at McAveddy's farm and blames the Jews and Mexicans for his own lack of wealth. You know you've met a Hillbilly Hater when he claps and cheers when watching The O'Reilly Factor. This hater is not limited to any one race or ethnicity, but applies to anyone who blames another group of people for war, poverty, famine, termites, and his insufficient phallus.

2. The Compensator Hater - Possibly the most infuriating of haters, the Compensator Hater makes negative connotations or outright talks trash on peers and often friends not out of any true hatred, but to make himself look less pathetic. Jealousy is a key factor and cockblocking is his forte. If a girl shows interest in you and not him, you can be sure this hater will go behind your back and tell her that you already have a girlfriend. Because you work out at the gym and have a stronger physique than the Compensator Hater, he will spread false rumors about how he "heard" that you might be on steroids. This one, however pitiful, is to be avoided at all costs (or better yet, exposed).

3. The Trend Hater - This one can be heard bashing things in a culture that he or she perceives as lame. This can be done because the music, films, hobbies or food he or she likes isn't really popular, or out of genuine animosity toward a particularly annoying trend. This hater can be a jackass who rants about the glory of everything "underground", but some are integral in bringing honest-to-god ridiculous things to a halt. It is only acceptable to be a Trend Hater if your hate is directed at the right things, such as poseurs, wearers of pink shirts, anything emo, and anything that insults your intelligence or your heritage. Those who hate what is popular only to project an image of "I know what's cool and you don't" should be regarded merely with laughter and ridicule.
Hater 1: Yisterdee that ther durn'd junglebunny kiss'd mah daughter while a wetback jump'd muh fence and a hebe stole muh hard errn'd dollur!

Normal Person: Wow, you're an idiot.
Hater 2: Uh, Jenn, you might wanna know first that Steve has Genital Warts and does steroids. It'd be best if you stayed away from him. Just looking out for you... baby.

Normal Person: Do something with your life instead of bringing people down, loser.
Hater 3: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle? That film was so pedestrian. I prefer the unmarred young talent of IFC films, thank you very much.

Normal Person: Haha, way to deny yourself something good because it's popular.
...All real-life examples of the three types of haters.
by Chernorizets Hrabr August 21, 2006
to dislike someone else for no real reason besides jealousy, you are mad b/c maybe they are more advanced ten yourself,prettier, etc...
Man most people i konw really are haters simply cause they are jealous of what i have...
by BABY PAC November 29, 2003
Acronym for Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.
These people are haters because they can successfully reach anger toward everyone for either a constructive or non-constructive reason.
by shwaaabro October 28, 2011
haters be hatin' on the basis of not being cool enough to hang with the cool crowd.
Stephen: Hey Jo-annne, whats up?

Jo-anne: Yo FACEEEEE, Thats whats up, punk.

Stephen: Haters be hatin'. Stop trippin' Jo-annne.
by haterhatin July 14, 2011
Hater: (n) A sub-human enthralled by one's success and/or good looks which sparks unrelenting hatred.
Donald Trump is such a hater, Obama was born in the USA.
by TherealRumz April 28, 2011
In its most common usage the word hater is essentially used to describe some one who in any way dislikes or criticizes someone who is better looking than them. The new meaning of the word has recently come into play due to the discontent many attractive people have in regards to how the rest of the world deals with their unsavory behavior. Also while there is no concrete data to support this, but it would appear the term is most commonly used by females.
One guy: Some ugly fuck was bitchin at me like crazy just cuz i parked my car in front of his driveway. What the fuck?!

Other girl: Dont worry sweety hes just hating you know. Hes a hater
by theodos July 16, 2010
-excuse black people give when anyone criticizes them or anyone who is black for incompetence in their professional life or poor decisions made in their personal life.
'Leave (insert stars name here) alone. Y'all just a hater !"
by Monsignor Blunt April 16, 2010