Someone that hates.
Urban Dictionary is a man Hater hangout.
by nyc_kris January 17, 2013
Some one who hates on others particularly because the main reason is they want to be the other that they hate,

Some one who hates for the sake of just hating

Some one jealous of anothers success
Guy 1:"I hate him so much look at him he just thinks he's so cool"

Guy 2:" Man stfu you just hate him because you wishing you was him"

Guy 1: "Grrr I hate them man"

Guy 2:"You just a hater you hate for the sake of hating why you gotta be a hater for?"

Guy 1 :"I hate him man he's the hot wife the cool car the big house good looks and money"

Guy 2: "Don't be a hater man when you really get to know him he is really cool and can probably teach you some tricks"

Haters gotta hate,

I aint no hater
by Harry69 May 22, 2012
A word created mostly by fat, ugly, and annoying girls about people who don't like because of their "ideals" or "looks". I don't like you because you don't stop fucking talking about how horrible and tragic your life is. I don't care.
"They don't like me because I post endless things on Facebook about how I have boys troubles I don't have so they must be haters"
by Gary Fin March 02, 2012
Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

(n). People who cannot stand the thought of one's success and tries their very best to bring the person down with them. This is due to envy and a lack of accomplishments in their life.
Hater: I HATE upperclassmen! I HATE rich people! I HATE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE!!!

Random guy: It's okay man, cheer up. Rather than spending so much time hating on others, focus on yourself more often and just work hard. Soon you'll be successful too.
by RickeyX December 29, 2011
H aving

A nger

T owards

E veryone

R eaching

S uccess

(Source: Random youtuber)

(1)Correctly only used to describe people who have no reason to dislike the successful person other than for the fact that they are doing well.

(2.) It is normally NOT concidered to be the same thing as jealousy, although some fans of the successful person try to make it that when they have no comeback.
(1) Person no.1: "I don't like Justin Bieber, stupid rich kid makes more money than me because some 7-year-old bitches think he's cute."
Person no. 2.: "Hater!"

(2) Person no. 1: "I personally don't like Bieber's sissy lyrics in his songs."
Person no. 2 (Belieber): "Man U so jealous, Hater! Like to see you try!"

(3) Listen to the song "Good Morning" by Chamillionaire, it explains the term well.
by startrek-person no. 1 August 19, 2011
Radically awesome

A Certain person who happens to be socially defected to the point of where they "hate" on every awesome thing they see, such as the begining of Kung-Fu Panda when it mentions people are blinded by Po's pure awesome-ness.
Those blinded people can choose to adore, or not.
The one's who choose not.....
Wev'e all witnessed that.. (;
Person 1- Omg, Bill Clinton is my HERO. I LOVE this man!!!
Person 2(hater)- No, don't look up to him. Or soon enough you will be getting pleasure sessions from your secratary in your office because your too thick headed and disconcerting to be true to other people but instead you just want to live in one slefish moment and pleasure yourself. Then your reputation will be ruined.
Person 1- Dude.....i was joking.....
by anonymouspersonyeahthatsme February 02, 2011
Haters, a problem the world deals with
more and more in the 21st Century.

Haters , often closet fans. Denying fans (opposite of so called haters) the right to (do the opposite of hate) only shows immaturity& ignorance.
Coming with constructive criticism is not hating. Letting people know your opinion, but also respecting& accepting opinions that are the exact opposite of yours is not hating, but is no longer seen as appropriate.
Communities such as Youtube, Myspace, Twitter& Facebook include viewers that don't approve constructive criticism,
something that makes it just harder to speak your opinion.
1. I hate this guy, he's so damn ugly & isnt talented, he does this for fame& the flow, nothing for passion, I hate him, he should go to hell. Haters

2. I like thus guy, but this song isnt good IMO. It's not his place to be concerned in the subject. constructive criticism
by theDiegras April 08, 2010
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