Mikes never spoken to these losers before in my life but all they do is talk shit about him cause of his expensive new car, rolex watch, nice clothes and hot girlfriend. those broke losers with no game are straight up haters
by Dirk Diggler the 3rd December 17, 2011
Radically awesome

A Certain person who happens to be socially defected to the point of where they "hate" on every awesome thing they see, such as the begining of Kung-Fu Panda when it mentions people are blinded by Po's pure awesome-ness.
Those blinded people can choose to adore, or not.
The one's who choose not.....
Wev'e all witnessed that.. (;
Person 1- Omg, Bill Clinton is my HERO. I LOVE this man!!!
Person 2(hater)- No, don't look up to him. Or soon enough you will be getting pleasure sessions from your secratary in your office because your too thick headed and disconcerting to be true to other people but instead you just want to live in one slefish moment and pleasure yourself. Then your reputation will be ruined.
Person 1- Dude.....i was joking.....
by anonymouspersonyeahthatsme February 02, 2011
Hater- noun hickey or love bite intentionally marked on someone else's body part to claim them.
Hating- verb A person intentionally (hating) sucking on someones body part leaving a bruise-like mark also known as a hickey (more than likely on the neck because it would be hard conceal and will be easily seen) on their lover to "claim ownership" ,that they're in a relationship, messing with somebody, or to show the recipient of the "hater" is cheating on their girlfriend or boyfriend.
Friend:Damn that's a big Hater!!
Guy: Yo, my girl gave me this big ass hater on my neck last night so I won't be able to holla at other females!

Girl:My dip(guy on the side) hated on me hard as hell last night! I got three huge hickeys/haters on my neck. I don't want my boyfriend to find out I'm cheating on him

You left a hater on me last night
You were sucking so hard on my neck last night I got haters all over my neck my mom will flip out
by pookiestorm January 20, 2011
Haters, a problem the world deals with
more and more in the 21st Century.

Haters , often closet fans. Denying fans (opposite of so called haters) the right to (do the opposite of hate) only shows immaturity& ignorance.
Coming with constructive criticism is not hating. Letting people know your opinion, but also respecting& accepting opinions that are the exact opposite of yours is not hating, but is no longer seen as appropriate.
Communities such as Youtube, Myspace, Twitter& Facebook include viewers that don't approve constructive criticism,
something that makes it just harder to speak your opinion.
1. I hate this guy, he's so damn ugly & isnt talented, he does this for fame& the flow, nothing for passion, I hate him, he should go to hell. Haters

2. I like thus guy, but this song isnt good IMO. It's not his place to be concerned in the subject. constructive criticism
by theDiegras April 08, 2010
An Asian girl who refuses to date Asian guys. Such an Asian girl typically only dates white guys.
Asian girl: I won't date you, because you are an Asian guy. I'm just not attracted to Asian guys. White guys are better looking.
Asian guy: You're a hater.
by LasVegasDude February 11, 2007
1) Someone who can't accept another's success, and will excessively complain about it.

2) A derogatory slur used by homosexuals (usually flamboyant ones) and their supporters to describe a 'gay bigot/gay-basher' or anyone who doesn't support their cause; ironically makes the user a bigot.

3) Another word for a 'bigot'.
1) Tom is such a hater cause he can't get over Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize; even though he didn't deserve it.

2) Perez Hilton about Ms. California: "I can't believe that B*tch, she is such a 'Hater', I just hate haters."

3) Chuck: Bro you see Christian over there protesting gay marriage?

Larry: He's such a hater.
by Muttemor September 28, 2014
You're hater. You're a Sindre.
by agoodfakename November 14, 2011

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