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An Asian girl who refuses to date Asian guys. Such an Asian girl typically only dates white guys.
Asian girl: I won't date you, because you are an Asian guy. I'm just not attracted to Asian guys. White guys are better looking.
Asian guy: You're a hater.
by LasVegasDude February 11, 2007
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You're hater. You're a Sindre.
by agoodfakename November 14, 2011
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A term originally used to describe someone who constantly derides others success, can be on an individual basis or directed towards an organization or sports team.

Most common though, the term is used by fans of organizations whose actions are unethical or illegal enough to warrant such "hating", and accuse people of being haters instead of actually defending their team.
Jets Fan: The New England Patriots are cheaters, they should have their titles taken away!
Patriots Fan: OMG U A HATER!

Bears Fan: The Indianapolis Colts are a bunch of softies with bandwagon fans. They're a stolen team whose president changed the rules just so passing is easier.

Bears Fan: Brett Favre is overrated. All he does is throw interceptions in playoff games. He needs to retire, because he's just playing for personal glory now.
Packers/Vikings: U JUST A JEALOUS HATER!

Ravens Fan: The Cleveland Browns suck and haven't won anything in forever.
Browns Fan: Yeah, they suck, what's your point?
Ravens Fan: You're not going to call me a hater?
Browns Fan: Why would I?
by BrockyBro April 15, 2010
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A hater is a person who hates on a person for no conceivable reason, just hates, no opinions needed.

A hater is not...

1. A person with justifiable reason to hate someone.
2. A Person who expresses true opinion, or justifiable dislike for something(a music artist, band, singer, etc)

Hater is a word often over used by the youth of today as a defense mechanism when you down their favorite rapper, singer or band. The word "hater" is often mislabeled as people with honest or differing opinions from what's popular today. Most people of generation y can't take opinion or know how to form opinions, just to dick ride what ever they hear on the radio now days.
Example of a hater
Guy 1 - "Man fuck Drake, he sucks, he's lame"
Guy 2 - "Why?"
Guy 1 - "Because he just does"

Example of a person with a opinion
Guy 1 - "I don't like Drake's music, he's average at best, and he's honestly not my type of music"
Guy 2 - "Hater !"
Guy 1 - "Why? Because I have an opinion differing from yours"
by Stevemackey12 February 23, 2010
15 17
A person who is so consumed with making everyone feel inferior or awful. A person who takes delight in hurting people to build one's ego.
Deep inside I know I am a phony and I don't know how to be truthful with others so I will make them feel bad for having what I lack. I am a hater who really hates myself and the poor choices I have made, but I can never admit that because that will make me look weak. And in my game of life that would mean I failed. It is a sad existence.
by lightbright82 October 03, 2009
21 23
Someone who's negative opinion of someone or something is contrary to the opinion of a close-minded and ignorant individual on welfare.
Hater: I don't see what you like about that "artist"; they make garbage music.

The other person: Bitch, you're a fucking hater. That what you is.

Hater: Why do I even engage you in conversation?
by RushPwnsX July 10, 2009
7 9
Someone who can't stand that you look better or have more than they do.

They pick out flaws ( mostly imaginary) to try to diss you with because they have no life and can't have what you have.

Haters are the worst people in the world.
A fat man hates on a girl who rejected him- hater.

An unnatractive friend hates on a girl because she's better looking or drives a better car.- hater.
by plowe January 27, 2009
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