A term originally used to describe someone who constantly derides others success, can be on an individual basis or directed towards an organization or sports team.

Most common though, the term is used by fans of organizations whose actions are unethical or illegal enough to warrant such "hating", and accuse people of being haters instead of actually defending their team.
Jets Fan: The New England Patriots are cheaters, they should have their titles taken away!
Patriots Fan: OMG U A HATER!

Bears Fan: The Indianapolis Colts are a bunch of softies with bandwagon fans. They're a stolen team whose president changed the rules just so passing is easier.

Bears Fan: Brett Favre is overrated. All he does is throw interceptions in playoff games. He needs to retire, because he's just playing for personal glory now.
Packers/Vikings: U JUST A JEALOUS HATER!

Ravens Fan: The Cleveland Browns suck and haven't won anything in forever.
Browns Fan: Yeah, they suck, what's your point?
Ravens Fan: You're not going to call me a hater?
Browns Fan: Why would I?
by BrockyBro April 15, 2010
Something a person is allowed to be. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK IF PEOPLE CALL YOU A HATER. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION, EVERYONES ENTITLED TO ONE. people dont hate people becuz their jelous of them, its becuz theyr'e fuhking bitches who care so much about what people think of them. GAWDD dont people realize that NOT EVERYONE has to like them. people will always have people that dont like them and they should seriously just accept that!

Random Person: Hater...
Me:Thats rite, imma hater. suck on that, muhfuhkaa
by thats rite, imma hater May 16, 2008
in a multi-player gaming environment, one who is not playing to win, but rather, one who is playing to make a particular opponent lose, or playing simply to disrupt the game
"Why did you hit me? I wasn't even ahead, you hater."
by Frank Booth December 27, 2004
A noun describing an individual who has nothing but negative and bad things to say. While it could refer to someone not on social media, it generally does refer to people on social media (especially twitter and tumbler) that throw insults or hate monger/messaging to you or others.
I cancelled my Twitter account last night because the haters were way to vulgar and a bunch of them were out in full force.

enemy dislike
by TheBigCanucklehead March 13, 2015
Someone who instantly attacks someone with an opposing viewpoint, and can't respond to a reasoned argument because they have such a strong emotional bias against a certain person or group of people.

Haters often resort to nasty personal attacks, rather than debating the issue itself, and usually just repeat the same arguments with increasing vehemence. They cannot see any validity at all in the other viewpoint and are incapable of finding common ground to start from. Their hatefulness makes them impossible to reason with.
"Don't try to win over the haters; you're not a jackass whisperer." - Scott Stratten
by Zylacat September 28, 2014
Someone who hates on another person usually because that person is successful or they don't agree with another persons opinions or outlook on life
I hate JJ so much he's got everything that I want I envy him and get jealous of him

"Ahh you're just a hater worry about your own life rather than others"

Oh who cares about your opinion I'm always right

"Dude everyone is entitled to an opinion stop being such a hater"
by Lenny45 January 02, 2014
1) A person who is jealous of people who have talent, so they bring them down verbally in attempt to make them feel bad.
Andy takes three swings and three whiffs, and then finally connects with golf ball, hitting a low runner that goes into the pond. In frustration he walks off the course.
"Andy, don't leave, we just started."

"Fuck golf, it's not even a sport anyway!"

"Oh come on, don't be a hater."
by ZimmermanComedy May 26, 2013
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