Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

(n). People who cannot stand the thought of one's success and tries their very best to bring the person down with them. This is due to envy and a lack of accomplishments in their life.
Hater: I HATE upperclassmen! I HATE rich people! I HATE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE!!!

Random guy: It's okay man, cheer up. Rather than spending so much time hating on others, focus on yourself more often and just work hard. Soon you'll be successful too.
by RickeyX December 29, 2011
H aving

A nger

T owards

E veryone

R eaching

S uccess

(Source: Random youtuber)

(1)Correctly only used to describe people who have no reason to dislike the successful person other than for the fact that they are doing well.

(2.) It is normally NOT concidered to be the same thing as jealousy, although some fans of the successful person try to make it that when they have no comeback.
(1) Person no.1: "I don't like Justin Bieber, stupid rich kid makes more money than me because some 7-year-old bitches think he's cute."
Person no. 2.: "Hater!"

(2) Person no. 1: "I personally don't like Bieber's sissy lyrics in his songs."
Person no. 2 (Belieber): "Man U so jealous, Hater! Like to see you try!"

(3) Listen to the song "Good Morning" by Chamillionaire, it explains the term well.
by startrek-person no. 1 August 19, 2011
someone who has absolutely no talent themselves so tries to convince other people that someone who actually has talent is bad at whatever they do.
person 1: "Avenged Sevenfold is a pretty good band."

person 2:"yeah, and sum 41's new album isn't half-bad either."

hater:"Those bands suck! theyre no-talent shits!"

person 1&2:"get the fuck outta my life hater."
by ninjasandmongeese22 April 08, 2011
People who judge without understanding
Who dont care what they say and if they hurt people
People who need to realize that people like different things
We all need to except eachother
People who dont understand
*a real life experience for me*
Me: Oh i'm emo so thats offensive to me
Person: i dont care now do the world a favor and kill yourself
Me: ....why do people have to be such haters....
by Bands_person232 November 04, 2014
Someone who instantly attacks someone with an opposing viewpoint, and can't respond to a reasoned argument because they have such a strong emotional bias against a certain person or group of people.

Haters often resort to nasty personal attacks, rather than debating the issue itself, and usually just repeat the same arguments with increasing vehemence. They cannot see any validity at all in the other viewpoint and are incapable of finding common ground to start from. Their hatefulness makes them impossible to reason with.
"Don't try to win over the haters; you're not a jackass whisperer." - Scott Stratten
by Zylacat September 28, 2014
1) Someone who can't accept another's success, and will excessively complain about it.

2) A derogatory slur used by homosexuals (usually flamboyant ones) and their supporters to describe a 'gay bigot/gay-basher' or anyone who doesn't support their cause; ironically makes the user a bigot.

3) Another word for a 'bigot'.
1) Tom is such a hater cause he can't get over Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize; even though he didn't deserve it.

2) Perez Hilton about Ms. California: "I can't believe that B*tch, she is such a 'Hater', I just hate haters."

3) Chuck: Bro you see Christian over there protesting gay marriage?

Larry: He's such a hater.
by Muttemor September 28, 2014
Theres two type of haters in this world, mature haters and immature haters. Mature haters, they are the people who hate an individual IF the individual did something unacceptable or morally wrong, such as corruption, pickpocketing, murder etc. Immature haters, they are the people who hate an Individual due to the individual success or difference, immature haters creates fake story or scenarios to convince a person to hate the individual and thus hopefully to defame the individual. Immature haters can be known as losers of the world, because instead using their valuable time to do good for themselves they spend time hating the individual for one or two samll reason. To prevent yourself to become an immature haters, get a job, do workouts, go out with friends, yoga, etc.
Mature haters: I hate the man who robbed the old lady.

Immature haters: U suck your jokes arent even funny so shut up and die noooooooooooooooooooow i know a guy who is waaaaay funnier than you so shut up and if you keep posting your videos in youtube ill ban you you just love munny your singing sucks i own youtube facebook twitter and blah blah blah blah
by observe January 09, 2014

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