(Noun) A person who searches something they don't like on youtube, then leaves nasty comments on that video and all other related videos.
Dustin- "Did you see My Chemical Romance's new music video?"

Haley- "Yeah but I got really angry at this teenie bopper who was being a hater."
by Music Ninja January 04, 2011
The people that make fun of things that other people do/wear. just because they know that they dont have the balls to do what they do/wear. most emo/scene kids these days have a lot of haters hatin. even though emo/scene kids get 10x more girls than anyone else.
fat kid: look at that faggot with skinny jeans and the tiny girl-fit t shirt.

skinny kid: fuckin haters... -_-"

*fat kid looks down at his XXXL white tee and 40 - 45 jeans.
by xxTHiSiSFOREVERxx July 08, 2010
the duchbags that have no life whatsoever that have to hate good things to try to feel happy about how unberably stupid they are
people(haters) who intentionaly look things up on the internet that they hate so they can make fun of it because it makes feel like there special even though it just proves how much of a dumbass they are
by stupid pseudonyom August 22, 2009
An Asian girl who refuses to date Asian guys. Such an Asian girl typically only dates white guys.
Asian girl: I won't date you, because you are an Asian guy. I'm just not attracted to Asian guys. White guys are better looking.
Asian guy: You're a hater.
by LasVegasDude February 11, 2007
in a multi-player gaming environment, one who is not playing to win, but rather, one who is playing to make a particular opponent lose, or playing simply to disrupt the game
"Why did you hit me? I wasn't even ahead, you hater."
by Frank Booth December 27, 2004
A person that sits at their computer and votes against new urban dictionary words all day.
That fat douche bag over there is definitely a hater.
by BabyBoo9 April 07, 2015
A noun describing an individual who has nothing but negative and bad things to say. While it could refer to someone not on social media, it generally does refer to people on social media (especially twitter and tumbler) that throw insults or hate monger/messaging to you or others.
I cancelled my Twitter account last night because the haters were way to vulgar and a bunch of them were out in full force.

enemy dislike
by TheBigCanucklehead March 13, 2015

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