Someone who can't stand that you look better or have more than they do.

They pick out flaws ( mostly imaginary) to try to diss you with because they have no life and can't have what you have.

Haters are the worst people in the world.
A fat man hates on a girl who rejected him- hater.

An unnatractive friend hates on a girl because she's better looking or drives a better car.- hater.
by plowe January 27, 2009
Having jealousy/hate against someone reaching success.

Person 1: I hate Justin Bieber, hes only 16, so what does he need two cars for?

Person 2: Stop the hate, just cause he isn't you. He's got way too many haters already, he dont need anymore.
by dinmama11 January 29, 2011
The one and only meaning of being a "hater" is someone being jealous of the next person or their accomplishments.This slang word has been misused throughout the internet taking on a literal definition from the word hate. The proper use of the word has sadly diminished and needs to take its rightful place back. To the older audience this word has replaced the slang word "jell" or "jeal". The first known use of the word was in the 1999 single "Still D.R.E." by rapper Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg. The lyrics “haters gon' hate” is believed to be the origin start of the word “haters". Comedian Katt Williams uses this slang word in its true meaning as a description of someone being angry about something that someone else has or has accomplished which its ultimate feeling stems from jealousy.
A female enters the comedy club with a known male entertainer looking fabulous in her silk dress. He escorts her to her assigned seat where two single females that he know are sitting adjacent to her, He greets the two women and tells his date that he has to get ready to go on stage. Once the show began she stood up to cheer, upon sitting back down she noticed her seat was wet with ketchup swirled all over it. She turned around the the two females and said "you're a hater you ruined my dress".
by I Know June 09, 2015
(HAY-tur) A person who strongly dislikes or disagrees with one or more things, usually unreasonably.
Jenny was mad at me for getting a better mark on the math test than her; she's such a hater!
by PanGen13 March 31, 2015
People who judge without understanding
Who dont care what they say and if they hurt people
People who need to realize that people like different things
We all need to except eachother
People who dont understand
*a real life experience for me*
Me: Oh i'm emo so thats offensive to me
Person: i dont care now do the world a favor and kill yourself
Me: ....why do people have to be such haters....
by Bands_person232 November 04, 2014
somebody who "hates" on others, usually because said "hater" is a jealous fool; Margaret Derdeyn.
Margaret Derdeyn is such a hater- she is just jealous of my many talents!
by truth-sayer October 09, 2014
Theres two type of haters in this world, mature haters and immature haters. Mature haters, they are the people who hate an individual IF the individual did something unacceptable or morally wrong, such as corruption, pickpocketing, murder etc. Immature haters, they are the people who hate an Individual due to the individual success or difference, immature haters creates fake story or scenarios to convince a person to hate the individual and thus hopefully to defame the individual. Immature haters can be known as losers of the world, because instead using their valuable time to do good for themselves they spend time hating the individual for one or two samll reason. To prevent yourself to become an immature haters, get a job, do workouts, go out with friends, yoga, etc.
Mature haters: I hate the man who robbed the old lady.

Immature haters: U suck your jokes arent even funny so shut up and die noooooooooooooooooooow i know a guy who is waaaaay funnier than you so shut up and if you keep posting your videos in youtube ill ban you you just love munny your singing sucks i own youtube facebook twitter and blah blah blah blah
by observe January 09, 2014
Haters are somewhat of a breed of a Human-Extraterrestial Being cross born with about 2 or fewer purposes in life. To Annoy and Pester. They tend to lurk around the Internet, finding places to plant their little devious plans of destruction. Their primary targets are usually those who are:

-Part of a Fandom/Group
-Just plain better than them

How they operate is simple. To bring up pointless, nonsensical facts about a certain topic towards a person, usually against that topic. They all have a catchphrase (which is really stolen from Trolls nonetheless), "U Mad, Bro?". This statement is the blind truth that these people have nothing better to do with their time on the Internet.
Guy: So I put up this picture on the internet
Girl: That's awesome! Can I se-
Hater: Faggot! Why don't you go jack off to your anime crap you yiff!
Girl: What did you say to my boyfriend...?

Hater: U Maaad, Brooo?
Person: Actually, I think you're the one who's mad because compared to me... And many others... You just suck.
Hater: ...
by Epyk February 15, 2013

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