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When a car has LCD monitors installed on the headrests in the absolute back row of the car, which cannot be, nor are not intended to be viewed by a passenger, but other divers on the road. The purpose of this is to show all the haters that you have so much money and are so extravagant that you can afford to install expensive car audio \ video equipment in order to show off.
I got "hater vision" installed in the back of my H3 so all the haters can hate on my pimped ride as I roll thru the projects.
by Paramecium August 08, 2005
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When auxilary LCD television displays are integrated in to the most rearward seat headrests, or in the headrests of a two seat coupé, as to display to the people behind you what you are watching. The displays serve zero functional purpose for the driver of the car, or its occupants.
Damn yo, this fool has some baller hatervision on this Lotus Elise, dawg!
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