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word meaning Dumb hoe and leech of life
my that hasty just busted me to Mr. Badley
by Bishop October 06, 2004
49 43
Doing something too fast, hurriedly because there isn't time/you can't be bothered.
1. a hasty attempt to hide his copy of Nuts as his mum entered the room.

2. Thief 1: 'Shit man its the cops, we best be leaving!'
Thief 2: 'Bruv don't be hasty, theres still more dope here...'
by tee dot March 30, 2008
46 21
a word meaning rude or sassy
don't be hasty, it's not nice
by dddefine August 02, 2011
16 9
A word that describes someone who beats the living hell out of anything and everything.
Rob is so hasty that he kicks the shit outta people when walking down the street.
by idiot42 March 01, 2007
13 19