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A male or female user of social media, mainly Twitter, who uses hashtag in an inappropriate way. One or more of the following characteristics will need to be present:-

1. Using 5 or more hashtags in one tweet;

2. Hashtagging something that is so long or random, there is no chance of it ever trending (eg. #havingamediterraneanpastabakewiththemanofmydreams);

3. Using "#nofilter", even when they have put an effect on or edited the photo;

4. Tweeting with hashtags at least 3 times an hour about:-

a) usual tasks or household chores; and/or

b) their pets (eg. My chihuahua just did a whoopsie behind the sofa #smellydog #ilovemyrat)

5. Saying the word "hashtag" before phrases in face to face conversations.

The more of these characteristics that are present, then the more hashtagslaggy, the hashtagslag is.
Tarquin: Have you seen Seb's girlfriends latest tweet?

Frances: No, what has that hashtagslag been hashtagging now?

Tarquin: She obvs. out with Seb. She's said:-

"Out with Seb for a meal, his treat #nandos #piripiri #canwaittostuffmyfacewithmachospeas #feelingblessed #sohappy #lovemyman"

Frances: Man, she is such a major league hashtagslag!
by maddog01 January 13, 2014
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