the byproduct of an electric razor or beard trimmer losing its battery power when one is only half way finished trimming their pubes. The finished product, where one half is neatly shaven and the other half is full of thick or coarse hair, looks like Harvey Dent's in the movie Batman after burning half of his face; gaining the appropriate name 'Two Face'
Guy # 1- "Dude, I was doing some 'manscaping' *trimming my pubes* and my electric razor battery died right when I had finished my left side. (Guy #1 then proceeds to show Guy # 2 his pubic region)

Guy #2- "Holy Shit! It looks like Harvey Dent after he became Two Face in Batman."
by Nastyzeej April 20, 2010
Top Definition
To be two-faced or to be really shady.
A: Wow what a slut...
B: Wait, isn't that your friend?
A: Yeah...
B: Jeez you are harvey dent as fudge
by A-Squird January 20, 2009
When a guy comes in his hand and wipes the cum evenly only on the left side of a girl's face, replicating the Two-Face effect of Harvey Dent.
"I had to pull out since I didn't have a condom, but it was all cool because I did a Harvey Dent all over her face."
by Thu Kang-A-Lang August 23, 2012
The horribly grotesque dents visible on a person's, usually a female's, thighs when they wear shorts that are way too short. Commonly refered to as cottage cheese thighs.
Guy 1: Yo man check that bitch out, she fiiine.

Guy 2: Dude, no, she's got some serious Harvey Dents.

Guy 1: I don't mind.
by stevieunstoppable November 16, 2010
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