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when you're peacefully blazed and something happens to ruin your high..
"Dude got baked and was screaming and shit. He completely harshed my mellow man."
by PsychoDice January 13, 2004
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The act of having somebody bring down your mellow/Good feeling thus making you feel negative/harshed.
Dude, I won the lottery and then all the banks closed. This is really harshed my mellow bro.
by Unorthodox Identity October 10, 2009
When your positive and well-being is put down or disturbed.
"Your fired"said Bill.
"Wow, that harshed my mellow."said Tom.
by quezzy baby & shayla brezzy April 30, 2009
An action, state or other event that annoys or otherwise bugs a person.
Spilled coffee all over myself this morning, really harshed my mellow.
by Lucello May 12, 2010

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