An annoying brat, usually at the young age, that makes people want to puke their guts out when around. Even at such a young age, she likes to wear makeup and can't stop thinking about boys. She is often like some of the stuck up brats from the show 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. She will remind you of Honey BooBoo and when you look at her, you know that she will grow up to be a slut or a whore like Lindsay Lohan.
Girl 1: Look at that girl on the catwalk, she is such a Harsha!
Girl 2: I know right!
by BobLovesBeingGay April 17, 2013
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One that is easily noticed in large crowds due to traits such as impressive height, a well built physique, or significantly appealing looks.
How did you find him at the party?

That dude's a dang harsha. Look at him!
by annihilation station July 24, 2009
Means joy.
It comes from the Hindi word Harsh which means happiness. It's used as a word as well as a name.
The opposite of harsha or harsh would be Udaasi or sorrow.
The newborn baby is a source of great harsha.
by Tara Modi September 11, 2006
An indian name. Usually a good friend. Very hyper.
wow she seems like a harsha.


hey Harsha! wassup?
by Mimi121 June 29, 2008
The best person you can take on a cruise with you
The ultimate boat buddy
A Harsha does whatever you please on the cruise as well
A harsha is known to make deals with you beforehand so no surprises
Yo, he's a total harsha ima go with him on the cruise this christmas!
by hotgangsta3000 July 07, 2009
Guru. Extremely knowledgeable person, particularly in SQL and technical matters.
I'm having trouble with this query, I need a Harsha to help me.
by SQL Apprentice August 08, 2013
Someone who is lovable and pretty..
Someone who loves to laugh and make others happy.. A person who is loyal in a relationship also is the meaning of Harsha..
Look at that girl!! She is so Harsha (pretty)


Both of them are Harsha(loyal) in their relationship.. they love each other so much..
by Kbrgrover June 08, 2014

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