Shave your pubes and hold the pubes in your hand. While you're banging a chick, right before you cum, you pull out and shoot your load on her back and shit at the same time. Then you throw the handful of pubes on the load.
Dude, did you hear? I definitely, Harry Douglas'd that chick the other night.
by Dirty D Rock January 20, 2013
Top Definition
whilst railing your girl from behind, you pluck hairs from your own arse. after collecting a liberal amount, you reach around and introduce the hairs into her mouth.
paul's girl wouldn't stop talking shit about his medium sized cock, so he made her pay with a harry douglas.
by heartattack701 December 21, 2008
When a person is performing deep oral sex on a male and pubic hair rests on the lips, creating a pubic hair moustache.
Last night, Jack gave Jill a Harry Douglas.
by Irie in S.D. January 21, 2009
A mixed drink containing 2 parts Maker's Mark and 1 part Schweppes Ginger Ale.

The plural is Harry Dougli.
That bartender makes one stiff Harry Douglas.
by weitzel January 04, 2009
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