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People that are well into the Harry Potter books and movies, constantly stringing off lines of it in front of others. They tend to be generally unpopular.
Harry Potter Freak: Can you tell me where platform 9 & 3/4 is please?

Some Dude: No, but I give you the directions that will tell you how to get the fuck outta my way.
by Turmi December 08, 2005
one who uses a british dialect (though not pertaining to britain in any way) with a rabid obssession to harry potter, daniel radcliffe, cedric diggory, and all other hp fiascos. one who has walked around in public bearing a lightning bolt on their forhead, wire-rimmed glasses, or a stick while shouting encantations.
Ned is wearing his Gryffindor robes again... what a harry potter freak!
by gizzard December 10, 2005