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HPC...where people go and talk about everything but Harry Potter. The chat conversations usually are about sex, drugs, alcohol, homos, and other crap.
n00b1- EWW!111
reg2- stfu n00b. kthxbi.
by Queen Bee January 16, 2005
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Where people go and talk about anything except Harry Potter. They chase away the kids who actually want to talk about Harry Potter. They talk about sex, drugs. Basically things they never did but they want to be so cool. Also, a lot of them swear they are bisexual.
" Omg, I just had sex it was great. Roflz, and im like only 14."

"Uh..Sue, I think im bisexual because I just saw your pictures and I think you're really hawt"
by Steven's babe July 02, 2005

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